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Best Magic Set for 6-year-old and up - Gift Review


Magic tricks for kids can be lots of fun and are a great way for parents to bond with their children. It would keep the family and friends entertained with so much joy that would be great memories. One can learn how to make a magic show at home.

Magic sets are becoming to be a favorite pick toy set for kids' gifts ideas on any occasion. It’s proof that magic acts are here to stay. A parent would want the best for their kids and find out which magic set kits or toys are good.

Mostly parents help their younger kids to figure out all the magic tricks and how they could do it and how to be ready to show it off to their would-be audience among their family and friends. It can be a perfect gift option for a boy or girl.

There are a lot of exciting pieces for all ages that an adult could also enjoy. There is more play with everything that would make it all a wonderful experience.

This article would guide you with the range and nature of props and their categories that would help you select the kind of item/items for your kid, and find out what are the best boy or girl gifts for 6 year old.

How can parents help and encourage their kids in learning how to do magic? There are ways and steps that every parent should know to be able to address this and successfully guide their kids in their journey to the magical world of illusion.

Parents and grandparents can purchase magic kits for their daughter or son and it’s a gift recommendation for families with a magic loving nephew, niece, grandson, or granddaughter. One can find out what is popular magician set for 6 year old boys or girls toy.

A magic set is a fantastic stocking stuffer too that makes opening it at Christmas extra-special!

Adult help and attention would indeed be an awesome collaboration with their little ones and there’s no doubt about it.

How can you help your kids do magic tricks better?

You could learn the wonder of magic tricks with your kid that’s included in a magic set. This would make your kid interested in them. Their curiosity would be satisfied that anything is possible in magic!

Kids could outgrow those blocks and robots and some players game that presenting and teaching them about magic would make a challenging and exciting change with a bag full of surprises await them!

Teach your kid the importance of practice makes perfect. Practice and more practice is essential in mastering those magic tricks. Go through this learning process with your kid and let him or her study the directions in their hearts. Every time your kid fails to a magic trick, let him or her realize that it is an opportunity to learn more, and to do it correctly. You don’t need to be a genius to be very good at magic.

Their self-esteem would be uplifted one’s they gain the approval of their friend/friends, co-students, other youngsters, and their family membership.

Be an example to be relaxed, calm, and to have fun discovering all the magic tricks. After all, every kid magician needs to be focused on the act and not making it obvious how a trick is done. This would warranty the function of the trick remains a secret and leave your audience in awe!

Let your kid perform as often as possible in front of you and slowly as your kid progresses, let him or her perform to more people or even in their classroom. Magic tricks are meant to be performed to the people and your kid will be more comfortable by doing it more often in different scenarios. Eventually, he or she could do a magic show!

Your kid can see the reaction of other people and that would make him or her more inspired to perform those magic tricks. Your kid would be able to perform the most creative magic tricks and activities from videos and reviews which you could both go through together.

Also, most of the sets come with an app online with no coding or download needed and that’s one reason the information and instructions provided would make it easier for you to help your kid progress like seasoned magicians.

Tell your kid that being nervous is okay but he or she doesn’t need to be nervous at all. Magic is an art and acting while doing it is part of the show. A mistake would not make a person less in doing magic tricks. It’s important to remain in control and to exude self-confidence no matter what the result is. It’s time to put on those magic clothes, cape, and shoes!

Kids would express their appreciation and excitement by practicing and mastering magic tricks.

What are the popular types of magic?

  • Production - It is where a magician makes something appear out of thin air and from somewhere, like popping a card or stuff from nowhere
  • Vanishing - This is when a magician does an inverse of production that makes something or someone disappears. These works as the opposite of production
  • Transformation - The magician alters a thing or its original properties, such as changing a dollar bill into a bird
  • Restoration - This is when a magician appears to destroy an object then the magician restores it. Common examples include cutting an assistant in half with a machine or tearing a piece of a playing card and then making them whole again
  • Transportation - This act is a combination of vanishing and production elements when the magician makes an object appear then makes it to move from one place to another
  • Transposition - This is known as double transportation and it’s when the magician makes multiple objects change their places
  • Escape - The magician breaks free from being tied and restricted to handcuffs or a straight jacket. Some magician combines with a death trap, like putting water tanks filled with water while trying to escape to make it more like a dramatic story
  • Levitation - This trick is to defy gravity and the magician makes something or someone appear to levitate or to float as an option
  • Penetration -The magician makes a solid object appear to pass through another. Like putting a pen through a coin by chance
  • Prediction - Another great act wherein the magician appears ignorant but can predict an outcome in an instance or someone’s choice, such as the card, picture, object and event that was chosen

What is the variety of effects every magic kit should have?

Every magic kit includes its level and skill-appropriate age and comes with recommendations too.

A magic kit that's worth its purchasing should come with role-play concepts that include illusions that are exciting and at least a device like a magic wand.

A deck of cards and a ring set could be used many times in every performance.

The wand can add interest and could be used as an addition to distraction, or for putting bits of objects, or for a room for a big reveal.

Some kits include costumes that include a cape, table, wheels, and even a treasure chest full of props made of plastic and wood. 

Certain kits may feature a mystic hat or gloves that can be used to make objects magically disappear, and then reappear. Some kits may come with some type of bag, rope, or different kinds and sizes of rings.

Magic sets are designed to boost self-confidence, improve problem-solving, improve hand-eye-coordination, and dexterity for all its users including toddlers, preschoolers, kids of all ages, and adults too.

Most people have seen a ton of versions of magic tricks but an ideal set should have great themes and numbers of interesting choices of tricks.

In the world of magic, there are a lot of challenges, a series of practices, and feedback is very essential.

Top-of-the-line kits are equipped with their magic board tables that’s with a design with hidden compartments that might even include lights in them. 

The important aspect among all factors of any magic kit remains a simple how-to that even a beginner could relate to like an expert. It would serve as guides and knowledge to all customers to reach their goals in magic.

What Can I Use a Magic Kit For?

If you're already an experienced magician and could perform like the professionals then chances are you don't have any need for a basic magic kit. 

You might have learned those tricks from your online subscriptions and you've bought some kits yourself.

Most of our childhood dream are to learn magic tricks that’s why most adults are buying the kits for their children. 

Magic tricks could be used to bring delight to anyone’s birthday party. 

It could be used in schools to spice up interest in school even in math subjects and engineering courses.

Even an elementary school teacher can keep a magic kit in the classroom to either entertain or teach her students through it. There are many total benefits to use magic tricks to demonstrate the laws of physics and to demonstrate the laws of math.

Magic kits are a great way to build rapport among each other and complex magic is a great way to meet other people. 

Just like in a movie wherein magic tricks could be used to get to know someone you’re interested with! There are goosebumps whenever someone special watches us just like when we see it on the screens.

Even nurses or caregivers could use magic tricks to as devices to entertain their patients while stuck in the bed or their rooms. It would contribute to the betterment of their condition or injury.

There are a lot of possibilities when even a kid would perform, entertain, and give joy while performing those magic tricks. It helps them grow and overcome their shyness too.

The positive energy that magically brings to everyone to have fun is beyond any cost.

Magic after all is a universal form of artwork, language, and communication. Magic is meant to bring winder, to be entertaining, to be engaging, and for problems to be forgotten even for a time.

Magic sets give children more challenging and enjoyable playing and learning times as compared to the usual animal mini-figure toys, castles, robotics, marbles and rocks, trucks, model building sets, bulldozers, vehicle rider toy, balance bike, construction sets, dinosaurs, and even a dog toy.

Magic tricks are not just a phase for some. It becomes a sense of existence to them who never tires of the wonderful world of illusions and magic.

Why is Amazon the preferred online store for magic sets?

Amazon offers a vast assortment and variations of high standard magic sets that have quality discounts and product promotions for purchasers to avail. As compared to retailers like department stores, there would be no stock issues because everyone is informed how many pieces are available and when would be the next arrival of the new stocks.

Online shopping with Amazon includes clear product info, a buying guide with customer ratings from 1 star to 5 stars, customer images of an item bought, product detail pages with nice illustrations, and each rating are accurate and doesn’t use any problem filtering reviews.

Each transaction is convenient and all you need is your credit card details for your payment, the model number of the set, delivery location, and shopping address.

With Amazon, they have fast delivery, return and replacement options, shipping changes anytime, and refund if needed.

Your orders, as well as your money, is safe with them because of their payment security system.

People have first preference for Amazon for their great price point and fair pricing as well as strong customer support you could have a communication with through email, phone conversation, and chat support for text or message for any inquiry and question/questions.

Each item comes with good packaging. Amazon ships every package almost in all areas around the world. Their ship method process exhibits fast delivery that makes Amazon the number one selling website for their products and mastery in their trade.

The post on all the pages has colorful picture book drawings that make everything attractive and interesting. Each contributor and authors in the publication of ratings speak their minds out to help you gauge each product. There are also picks by the editor to get your vote for the selection.

Amazon is truly the number one selling platform in almost all communities and the market today.

Here are the best magic trick sets and kits for 6 years old and up (boy or girl).

Scientific Explorer Magic Science for Wizards Only Kids Science Kit

Scientific Explorer Magic Science for Wizards Only Kids Science Kit

This is a great way to train your aspiring wizard kid. It’s a highly unique educational kit that will teach your kid the science behind the magic chemicals that include citric acid, baking soda, vegetable oil, crosslinked polyacrylate copolymer, red cabbage powder, color tablets, and zinc sulfide. All the materials are included when you order these kinds of sets.

It’s something your kid would learn from Hogwart and the supplies include 4 test tubes with stand, 1 clear tube wand with 2 cups, 2 measuring scoops, Purple paper, star stickers, and activity guide. It’s recommended for children 6 years of age and older with adult supervision. Your kid can create his or her wizard wand to cast spells plus a magic hat too with this magical playset for exploration.

Kids can make all sorts of powders turn into mystical foam into a Fizzy Frenzy and they can use those exciting hocus pocus powders that can change its colors. There’s an array of things to learn and do and some more like the frothing color-changing potion to make colors change and boil before your eyes.

Other tricks include creating your own test tube crystal ball to see into the future, harnessing your sorcery to make a magic wand lava color-changing froth, making a feverish fizz of bubbling frothy foam, and for your final magic challenge make a glow-in-the-dark bubbling potion.

Let your kid be thinking for more possible potions just in case he/she wants plenty more! This is one of the top review for 6 year old gifts.


  • It’s a fun set and it’s perfectly packaged
  • The instructions are well written and easy to follow
  • Worth the price for the laughter that it would bring to the lives of the kids
  • It's a great magic and science experiment set
  • This is a go to gift for 6-10-year-old kids
  • The kids would love to play with this and they can learn, explore and be safe
  • The experiments are exciting and completely age-appropriate
  • It’s amazing to make something that would glow and gain reactions
  • Fun Chemistry set for Science and magic fans


  • No negative reviews so far

Where to buy:

3 Bees & Me Deluxe Magic Kit Set with Toy Wand & 75 Magic Tricks for Beginners - Best Age 6 7 8 9 10

3 Bees & Me Deluxe Magic Kit Set with Toy Wand & 75 Magic Tricks for Beginners - Best Age 6 7 8 9 10

This set comes with 75 magic tricks that include the old favorites, magic cup and ball, card and coin tricks to the mysterious levitating wand. Hours of mystical fun your child and a wonderful time to learn each magic trick, step by step, until it's showtime.

Give your kid a needed break from screen time for some traditional fun. An easy beginner magic set that’s a great confidence booster. A sure-fire winner to perform in your circles of friends and see their excited-looking faces while you perform!

It would take your son’s attention off from a robot and dinosaurs and even scooters, and bikes to master all the wonderful tricks in this set.

This kit includes step-by-step instructions for performing each trick plus through technology, there’s a link to online video demos and online instructions!

This is one of the best gift ideas for little girl and boy 6 years old and up.


  • It is perfect for a child that is just starting to show interest in the artwork that magic tricks teach
  • The magic tricks are fun and easy to use for his age
  • There is a wide range of tricks so that he or she can start with the easier ones and later grow into the more sophisticated tricks
  • It’s so easy to use it would boost your kid’s confidence tremendously.
  • Your little one would love this set
  • Fun magic set for an awesome price point and a good gift recommendation
  • The trick that comes with the magic wand
  • Great value for the money, easy to use, and sturdy pieces that function well.


  • It would be better if the directions and instruction are printed bigger and eligible.
Where to buy:

Melissa & Doug Discovery Magic Set

Melissa & Doug Discovery Magic Set

This is a wooden imported magic set by Melissa & Doug that includes four easy-to-master tricks for beginners like the Magic Jewel Box," "Color-Changing String," "Chamber of Illusion" and "Sword in the Stone".

It’s an excellent way and step to boost confidence and fine motor skills among children ages 6 years and up. It’s very durable since it has a solid wood construction, and it's a worthy investment. There are small parts and small balls in this kit. The materials are high quality ones.

This Melissa and Doug Discovery magic set is not intended for kids that are below 6 years of age. It’s not suited for Kindergarten level kids and it’s for the older ones who could use it as a better alternative to marble run, building blocks, clay, slime making that creates a mess and a game board that might be boring. 

This would also take your kid off the computer and those game controllers for a change. This box includes magic toys and games all kids would enjoy!


  • It is a good product as usual from this company
  • It has easy to do tricks
  • The tricks are very simple to learn and perform
  • Great set for a young starting magician
  • The 6-7-year-old kids would love it but some tricks require assistance from an adult
  • It's great fun for the whole family
  • You’ll get a good value for your money
  • A great gift for your little magician
  • A nice solid and wooden set of tricks


  • A few thinks it’s a very simple set for a six year old

Where to buy:

Marvin's Treasured Magic Tricks Deluxe Wooden Magic Set


Let your friends be amazed by this wonderful wooden magic set from Marvin's Magic. A good starting magic set also makes very good gift options for anyone anywhere. An ideal set for children aged 6 plus.

It includes the incredible escaping colored block, the favorite vanishing rabbit illusion, the amazing rising card, and much more.

It’s fabulous for building confidence and essential developmental skills that kids need.

A wonderful collection of wooden magic tricks that are to made impress and dazzle. The set includes all props and comprehensive easy to follow instruction booklet which will have you performing these wonderful tricks quickly.

Magic is a perfect pastime for building set characters and confidence in children, allowing them to learn and perform key skills such as standing up and presenting in front of an audience.


  • It has a good range of magic, quite a lot of it is wooden and a nice size for little hands
  • It’s visually appealing
  • A well made and thought out magic set
  • A good selection of magic tricks that most kids of any age can perform
  • Great starter set.
  • The video instructions are clear to watch in a desktop or an iPad
  • Nice and easy to follow and the tricks are easy to learn
  • All aspiring magicians can perform similar sensational effects in no time at all
  • Marvin’s Magic products had been a manufacturer for 20 years and it would never disappoint you


  • No negative reviews so far

Where to buy:

Amav Toys Magic Hat with 75 Tricks For Kids

Amav Toys Magic Hat with 75 Tricks For Kids

It’s a magic set that’s awesome for a first magic show. Any kid can be a star and create their magic show with this ultimate and all-inclusive magic kit. It has 50 different magic tricks to amaze and surprise everyone. The great magic and fun tricks will provide many hours of hands-on and engaging activity.

This would be a good diversion for your kid instead of being glued on television or a phone. It would boost his or her confidence and imagination. It’s also an interactive activity for a group especially for playdates, birthday parties, sleepovers, Halloween, and family gatherings.

It includes card tricks from the tons of components in this high grade play tool for magic.

It’s also an ideal gift and present and any kid would find that the magic tricks are easy to learn and offers a lot more.  Make your kid more at ease in front of people and to be able to express oneself better.


  • Kids will love this and they will be able to do these tricks for their enrichment 
  • It’s good as a gift
  • It is a great starter kit
  • Reasonably priced
  • Awesome magic kit for the price
  • It comes with a magician hat, wand, cards, cup, and balls 
  • It is enough to put on a little magic show even in the backyard or family camping trip
  • Lots of tricks
  • It’s great to keep children and their peers entertained


  • It’s okay but the manual booklet could be a little hard to understand

Where to buy:

After Thoughts

The best surprising present for boys and girls who love magic and to perform is a magic set at any time. It’s what every budding kid magician could ever need to be able to show their talents and skills in magic.

They can learn to be an amazing magician and can put up a show for their family and friends. Different versions of tricks can be learned quickly and easily and it’s a great entertaining way to encourage and boost every child's confidence.

It would give them a feeling of accomplishment on the stage. It means their path and goals for approval in their performance could be achieved giving pride in them.

Every kid would get to experience loads of fun and at the same time making them even more creative and imaginative!

There are no limits to the creation of magic tricks to treat your audience with delightful shows that would never fail to entertain them.

Now you know what to buy a 6 year old for his or her birthday and Christmas.

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