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Best Magic Set for 9-year-old and up - Gift Review


People regardless of their ages love magic tricks. Magic tricks are captivating and entertaining and people do patronize it well. There are a lot of magic tricks and each magician has their way to deliver them and each one has their style of performing.

It’s one way to take off the mind to everyday problems. We are entering the fantasy world of magic with all those wonderful tricks.

Where did the magic words “hocus pocus” and “abracadabra” came from?

These two magic words are very popular and they’re greatly associated with magic fulfilled after the utterance of these words.

Hocus pocus came from the name of a sorcerer in the Norse mythology, called Ochus Bochus.

While abracadabra came from a writing people used to inscribe inside their amulets during the Black Plague to protect them from the disease.

What are the different magic performances?

  • The first one is called stage illusions wherein magic acts are performed in front of a large audience in a bigger place like a theater. 
  • The next is known as parlor magic where a magic performance is done for a magic smaller audience and in a smaller venue too but it’s larger than a few people only.
  • There’s the close-up magic that’s performed for a more exclusive audience and it can also be even one-on-one show.
  • Another form of a magic act is escapology like what the great escape Harry Houdini specialized. This type of magic act shows successful escapes from restrictions and constraints.
  • One exciting act is to be able to let your audience believe that you have powers in reading thoughts, controlling the minds, and predicting events and choices or occurrences. This act is called mentalism.
  • Then there is the pickpocket act where a magician will be able to remove something from someone in the audience owns by distracting the people’s attention. This kind of magic trick is presented in a small group of people in a small setting.
  • Next on the list is a kind of magic trick is the theatrical séances that the presentation has a mediumistic effect for a more dramatic theatrical effect. 
  • Here’s the next act which is what they call shock magic. This type of magic presentation will shock the audience and it would more likely be included in a circus line-up of acts. Examples of this kind of magic tricks are eating razor blades, piercing the tongue with a pen, and cutting the arm with a knife. 
  • This is a very fun magic act to watch and you have to watch very closely. It’s the quick change magic. This is where a magician and an assistant would change their costumes quickly and very fast.
  • Another well-loved and exciting magic genre is street magic. There’s some well-known street magician like David Blaine. This type of magic act is where a magician would approach anyone they meet on the street and perform random magic tricks on them.
  • Gospel magic is used as a good way to evangelize and teach catechism to people. The first use of gospel magic dates back in the 19th century when St. Don Bosco performed magic tricks that attracted the children to go back to school and attend church.
  • Bizarre magic is next on the list as this type of magic includes horror and fantasy to make the performance more intriguing. This performed in smaller and more intimate settings and places. 
  • Corporate magic is used not just to amuse but as a sales tool and be able to make the messages clearer and it uses products of the corporate sponsors which are promoted in the illusion act.
  • Another popular genre is children’s where magic is performed for children in schools and birthday parties.  The magician usually asks for children to volunteer to assist in the magic tricks that make it interactive.
  • Lastly, the modern form of magic tact is online magic tricks These days computers and mobile phones are involved in almost anything and that includes magic. Magic tricks have been designed to function on a computer screen and replacing a magician. While some magician uses a mobile phone to perform or some even use a television monitor to perform their magic tricks.

Here are the best magic trick sets for 9 years old and above.

FAO Schwartz 8 Piece Toy Magic Trick Set For Kids

FAO SCHWARZ 8Piece Toy Magic Trick Set For Kids, Easy to Learn Kit Comes with Playing Cards, Floating Card Trick, Fake Fingers, Coin & Ball Cups, & Instruction Book with 40+ Tricks, Gift Tin, Multiple

Your kid can be the next Houdini with this Fao Schwarz 8 piece toy magic trick set. It offers mind-bending tricks and that the friends and family of any kid performer won't forget!

It has amazing card stunts using the set's classic playing cards which is a timeless classic for all magicians. There are also other tricks to learn and master. It comes with a fully illustrated instruction book.

It’s the perfect gift that comes in a giftable tin with the entire set fitting neatly. It makes a great gift for any occasion. The compact set includes everything beginner magicians need as an introduction to the world of magic such as coin conjuration cups with fake coin, standard card deck, 2 LED fake thumbs, ball and vase trick, and a floating card trick.


  • It is an excellent starter kit and the instructions are easy to follow for a 7-year-old
  • The material the items are made out are durable
  • Easy to learn
  • It's a fun way to learn magic tricks
  • It’s neatly packed in a tin
  • It’s manufactured by a reputable company


  • Others find the instruction manual  incredibly small that it’s hard to read

Where to buy:

Houdini Magic Shop Houdini's School of Magic Set

Houdini Magic Shop Houdini

Who doesn’t know Houdini among magic aficionados? Houdini is considered the greatest escape artist. Any kid would love to have this Houdini's School of Magic, Volume 1.

It comes complete with a book and DVD set, card tricks, math tricks, coin and paper money trick, and mental magic tricks.

This book is a complete course in Magic. The instructional set teaches kids to perform many tricks and also teaches you how to make your tricks.

It is very similar to the School of Magic operated by the Great Harry Houdini that teaches how to prepare, how to practice, how to present your effects to your audience, the basic rules of the magic, timing of your effects, and how to develop a character for your show.


  • This is a great book for beginners in magic and you will get a history lesson about Houdini and his career
  • Kids will learn some great magic tricks to perform for their family and friends
  • This will make a great gift for your little magician
  • This is a good training magic set
  • A nine-year-old and above would appreciate this gift


  • No negative reviews so far

Where to buy:

Marvin's Magic Amazing Mind Blowing Bag of Tricks Set


This magic set includes incredible tricks with money, incredible card tricks, miraculous mind-reading, and amazing tricks and stunts and it comes with a bag and DVD.

It’s the ultimate bag of tricks and a collectible from Marvin's. It’s a good gift idea since all the tricks are made to be easy but they look very real. It contains several card tricks and a lot more magic tricks! The bag as a bonus is a backpack with a secret pocket to put them in.

The instructional DVD is very helpful and it will show Marvin himself doing the tricks so any kid would know how the tricks are done. Kids would be glued on this set for a long time.


  • Any kid would adore this gift. 
  • It'll take a while to master all the tricks which would make them busy for a long time
  • The clear lid displays the contents and they look good
  • It also has simple tricks with a helpful CD
  • Good product with a great price
  • It contains a lot and the chain and padlock trick is a winning trick
  • Great item.
  • Great present for a nine-year-old and up


  • Some tricks are complicated but they’re pretty good with more practice

Where to buy:

Nowstalgic Toys TV Magic Cards

Nowstalgic Toys TV Magic Cards

This magic set is pre-assembled and ready to play with an instructional booklet included for anyone to perform over 25 tricks with this deck. This is the original tv magic cards introduced in the ’70s.

It sold more than 8 million card decks. It appears to be a normal deck but it can be magically changed and it ends up being all of the same cards. Truly a fun trick that everyone would enjoy!

Card magic tricks are always a hit in any magic performance. Leave your audience amazed and entertained with this set with lots of tricks.


  • This is a fun trick card set
  • It’s in great condition. 
  • You’ll love the retro packaging
  • It looks and feels like a regular deck of cards but is, in fact, a deck of cards with numerous aces that are a bit shorter than the rest
  • This is not on a very professional level but your kid will be thrilled by it
  • It’s a great way to engage others, have fun, and laugh
  • Always a classic fun
  • Great card trick game for any kid
  • It’s a great Christmas stocking surprise


  • The instructions might be a little complicated to some

Where to buy:

Cartamagic 80 Tricks Card Children Magic Tricks Set

Cartamagic 80 Tricks Card Children Magic Tricks Set

Any 9 years old and up kids would already be able to do card tricks and they would love tho do these tricks too. This magic tricks set includes 80 card tricks with different levels of difficulty in them.

These cards are glow in dark too and there are more tricks such as mentalism cards, coins, dice, and storage pouch. Include these card tricks and other more tricks to your magic presentation.

Everything is included for any kid to be a good card magician.


  • Many good tricks in this set
  • An ideal gift for a budding card magician
  • Good value item
  • Great kit to keep your kid entertained for hours 
  • They are glow in the dark cards!


  • No negative reviews so far

Where to buy:

After Thoughts

These are a lot of types of magic and the outcome are different levels of excitement and effects to its audiences. Different props are being used and each every act would be different on how each magician would deliver and present it. 

Budding kid magicians are also capable to do it as a hobby to be able to perform to their families and friends.

Magic tricks could draw fascination and admiration from people around you. It’s no wonder magic sets for kids are very saleable and in demand these days.

Just remember to encourage, motivate, and guide your kid to his journey into the magical world of make-believe.

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