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Best Magic Set for 10-year-old and up - Gift Review


Magic tricks would always exceed anyone’s limit and imagination to make anything possible. It’s a fun way to escape the reality of everyday life and its reality.

Great determination, a lot of practice, and patience are needed to achieve being able to show your magic tricks confidently at an event like a birthday party. It also needs effort to be able to deliver a trick flawlessly.

Kids are attracted to magic even at the time they’re just new to learning new things and are curious about anything. Besides games, magic sets can also be great gifts for 10 yr old girl or boy.

There are numerous best magic kits for 10 years old that kids of this age would learn some cool magic tricks.

Here are the best magic sets for 10-year old and up.

Jim Stott's Ultimate Magic Kit

Jim Stott

This Jim Stott’s ultimate magic kits received a lot of accolades and one of them is as the best magic kit on Amazon by the Wiki Ezvid website that gives unbiased and straightforward reviews of products!

There are nine bonus Ebooks included on the Secret Webpage that will teach additional magic. The ones separately listed on Amazon cost over $125 if to be purchased separately.

It’s the perfect gift for teens, adults, and those ten and up! It includes over 350 magic tricks on this set and it comes with a very easy to understand and follow instructional booklet aside from its secret website. This is one of the top Christmas gift for ten year olds.

There are some best magic tricks to learn in this kit. And this is the best beginner magic set for your new magician!


  • Best magic kit on the market
  • You get everything you need to do over 350 magic tricks
  • There is a link to the secret webpage that allows you to look at the video tutorial on how to use all the props in the kit as well as to download free magic 
  • There is an instructional booklet included too on how to do the tricks are very easy to follow with an hour of practicing the tricks
  • The materials are of good quality and they spark curiosity and a desire to learn and improve skills among kids.
  • It’s fun and educational and a big hit as a present
  • Any 10-yr-old kid will find it as an awesome kit
  • The directions are super easy to follow 
  • It’s worth more than what you are paying for


  • The online tutorials from the secret website are very poor but the good thing is, you can find far better tutorials for free on YouTube

Where to buy:

Marvin's Magic Svengali Magic Cards


This set of Svengali cards with an instruction booklet includes 20 amazing magic tricks. It also will provide an illustrated secret instructions on Marvins Magic website to view the tricks demonstrations. Instructions are available online in 8 languages and it comes with an accessible with a code. You get to see the best card magic tricks in the world tutorial video by accessing it.

The Svengali cards will make you capable to perform similar popular tricks just like a master card magician. It’s a great set for someone who wants to master card tricks and be able to transform them into something else.

These are self-working cards that will make you a card trick specialist in an instant. with Marvin's Magic magic tricks were made easy to learn for budding magicians. This is certainly one of the great 10 year old gift ideas.


  • The cards are good in condition
  • It’s an excellent gift for any budding magicians
  • High-quality deck
  • Great set for beginners and professionals
  • It makes his tricks easier to perform
  • A good set of cards although they’re of smaller sizes, they’re still perfectly adequate


  • If there is more information on tricks and plays it would have been perfect

Where to buy:

Marvin's Magic Marvin's Deluxe Box of Tricks


Another magic set from Marvin’s that’s considered ultimate magic that’s been designed to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Marvin's Magic. This collector’s set includes all the classic and timeless tricks that are awesomely in a special box. It’s great to learn magic tricks for kids with this set.

Since it’s a unique special edition set magic it contains a hand-picked selection of Marvin's favorite professional-quality effects that only has just 3,000 copies worldwide.

It includes Svengali cards the preferred tool of expert magicians for over a century, dynamic coins set which is a modern classic and precision-engineered in solid brass, authentic Himber wallet that is a staple utility device of professional magicians worldwide, magician's silk and secret gimmicks for astonishing empty-handed vanishes and productions.

Other props include professional-sized magician's cups in impact-resistant plasticized ABS polymer and classic gold finish, crochet balls, multi-purpose miracle cards for an expert mind-reading, and a lot more.

This is one of the coolest birthday gifts for 10 year old boys and girls. They could now have the best magic tricks for a kids' show!


  • It’s a very likable set with a lot of great tricks 
  • It cleverly hides the gimmickry to have more powerful effects
  • It includes a magician's wand in classic black and gold
  • It’s a limited edition
  • It’s the ultimate set of magic tricks
  • This set comes with a cloth-bound hardback instruction book containing over 100 amazing tricks


  • No negative reviews

Where to buy:

Toys R Us Pavilion X-Ray Magic Set

Toys R Us Pavilion X-Ray Magic Set

This magic set comes with 30 tricks that would be exciting to learn and perform. The kit contains magic x-ray cards, a penetration frame, a drawer box, and an illustrated instructional booklet.

This set is good to invest in since it has a professional touch to it but it’s still very easy to do. It can be used for a long tie and your kid wouldn’t tire of it easily. It also comes with a seal of approval.

All the props are well-made and exude very high-quality. An adult could also use this set to master the magic tricks and share it with family and friends.

This is one of the best gifts for 10 year old girls and boys and lets your kid be able to give the best magic show ever to family and friends.


  • It’s professional magic, yet easy to do
  • It comes with an illustrated instructional booklet
  • You can scan also a code to view the magic tricks on your mobile phone
  • High-quality props
  • It will be enjoyed for a long time


  • No negative reviews so far

Where to buy:

Empire Magic Soc-O-Magic #3 Christmas Stocking of Magic 9pc 22" Gift Set

Empire Magic Soc-O-Magic #3 Christmas Stocking of Magic 9pc 22" Gift Set

This set with 9 different props and that includes a magic wand is the ideal present and stocky-worthy on the Christmas tree. It comes in a 21" mesh Christmas Stocking packaging and all ready to be hanged during the holidays!

It contains magic tricks that are easy to do and perform and it comes with detailed instructions for all of it.

It’s the perfect gift for the children that includes these tricks such as ball and vase penny to dime snapper in and out crazy cube magic taper cards 40-page booklet of 110 unbelievable magic tricks with a wizard stripper deck.

This can certainly be on the list for a great birthday gift for 10 year old daughter or son.


  • It’s reasonably priced
  • The perfect gift for Christmas
  • It includes an instruction booklet
  • You can do as much as 100 magic tricks
  • It’s safe and user-friendly
  • It’s perfect for age 10-year-old and up


  • No negative reviews so far

Where to buy:

What is the best magic show in the world?

The best magic show in the world is a David Copperfield magic show. He is the number 1 magician and illusionist around the world. He tops the list as the richest magician too

The world’s best magic videos are also done by David Copperfield. They’re the most-watched magic videos of all time.

It’s therefore accurate to say that the world's best magic man is David Copperfield. He is also the best-known magician in the world. He has presented innovative magic in his many television specials and captivated a lot of people when he performs. He continues to tour and perform for live audiences around the world.

Best magic illusions in the world

The top three best magic illusions in the world are the Light and heavy chest, Metamorphosis, and Cups and balls.

Light and heavy chest

Robert Houdin performed this illusion when he was sent by Emperor Napoleon III to Algeria to calm down an uprising there.

Houdin put out a small box and had a young child from the audience to come up on stage to lift it to show how light it was. Then, Houdin asked one of the strongest men in the audience to come up on stage. Houdini, with just his wave of his hand, was able to get and drain the spectator's strength. When he asked the man to lift the box, he just could not, no matter how many times he tried.


This is the illusion that also made Houdin the sensation that he was. It took place in the blink of an eye. Houdini was bound and placed in a bag. Then the bag is locked inside a trunk. The assistant stands on top of the box, pulls up a cloth to cover him or herself, and drops it to reveal that it is now the magician standing on top of the box. The box is opened, and the assistant is now found to be inside. It is still difficult up to this day to find another trick that has such a strong impact and bewilderment on an audience.

Cups and balls

This illusion is two-thousand years old and yet it’s still one of the legendary tricks of magic. The trick has been performed on the street, on television, on large stages, and everywhere in between. The illusionist would manipulate the small balls to make them appear and disappear beneath different cups that are an absolute pleasure and can remind us how magic is entertaining and an act to wonder about even after watching it!

Best street magic ever

David Blaine is the best street magician and he gives the best street magic ever. Some of his best street magic tricks are turning an old man’s cup of coffee in a cup full of coins, levitation tricks, and catching a bullet with his mouth in 2009. He was only wearing a mouthguard and he tried to repeat the trick with a .22 caliber rifle. 

He also holds the best levitation magic tricks that people enjoy watching over and over again. He does a lot of levitation tricks while on the street meeting different people. 

Easy to learn street magic

Try to learn a couple of card tricks and learn the magic, practice it over and over until you mastered them. And you also need to learn how to perform and polish your showmanship. Be able to present it well and convincingly. 

The 3rd magician is Criss Angel. He has magic sets available in the market.  But how could you perform like him and be able to do his magic tricks?

How to learn Criss Angel magic tricks

Be like Criss Angel and learn professional magic tricks using his magic kits in the market. Click here to choose the Criss Angel magic kit for you.

Be also inspired by this magic show kits and be able to put up a spectacular magic show kit of your own. 

There’s also a Criss Angel video available to watch at Amazon Prime Video. Watch this one of the world’s best magic videos ever produced.

Here is some of the best magic store and place to buy magic tricks.

Please visit our article links below to learn more about magic.

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Good magic Tricks for Kids

Magic tricks for kids to learn and perform 

What is the best way to start learning magic tricks

After Thoughts

Parents who usually love magic tricks share this passion of them with their kids. They purchase magic tricks for them to enjoy, learn, and eventually perform them for their families and friends.

It keeps people on the edge of their seats while watching all these magic tricks that will leave them wanting more! Magic is a great form of entertainment for all ages and is always a crowd’s favorite!

Magic tricks are also very engaging and can help to make the home a unified and happy one and also among friends. Magic is here to stay for good.

Now there are some options on what to buy a 10 year old for their birthday and other special occasions.

I hope this helps you find the best magic kit in the world for your 10-year-old aspiring magician!

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