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Jenga for kids


Jenga is one of the very popular games in the whole world. It belongs to the top three most popular games and it ranks third to Monopoly and Scrabble in terms of all-time sales.

It’s a very exciting and breathtaking game that’s both physical and mental that’s created by Leslie Scott in the ’70s until it evolved to what it is today. Shes’s a native of the United Kingdom and she later moved to West Africa as an adult. Jenga is a word and it means to build in Swahili.

How is Jenga played?

Jenga is quite simple to play but it requires a steady hand, good decisions, and a god hand and eye coordination. You need to know the right moves and how you’ll successfully do it.

The game has 54 wooden blocks that need to be stacked on top of each other without collapsing. That’s the object of the game and one needs to be patient and good under pressure. Each Jenga block size is 5 cm x 2.5 cm x 7.5 cm.

You begin with a stack of 54 blocks with three blocks across and it’s 18 levels high. Each level of blocks should be upright to the level below it.

You start with just three blocks laying on any hard surface of your choice, it could be a table or hard flooring. And then, you need to do the Jenga set-up as you continue to stack three more on top of each layer.

Each of the layers should be put on a right angle to the last one. They need to face different directions and you need not worry since this game comes with a stacking sleeve to make it a lot easier.

All the players take their turns in removing and re-stacking the blocks. The game ends when either the tower collapses or if any block falls from the tower that’s other than the one that the last player removed.

This game could be played by just you or by 2 to 6 players. Some play it with as many players that they like.

Excitement can’t be contained in this game that’s contradicting emotions of concentrating and at the same time a sense of an adrenalin rush to be very careful not to cause its collapse or to drop any block!

As of 2017, over 80 million sets of Jenga have been sold all around the world. That’s a lot of Jenga game out there!

A lot of variations of the Jenga game had emerged from its original makers. Here are some of them. Let’s begin with the classic Jenga.

Jenga Classic Game

Jenga Classic Game

Jenga is for everyone! It’s for kids 6 and up and for all ages.

This is one timeless game that’s simple and solid and yet full of fun and excitement. This first Jenga’s aim for the game is to pull out a block without crashing the stack to win.

The Jenga classic includes 54 hardwood blocks, stacking sleeve with instructions. You’ll develop your decision making-skills, strategy, concentration, and steadiness of your hand. With luck too at your side to win this game. Your every move can be a make or break for you.

Challenge not only yourself but your family and friends too. Bring home the bacon by being the last player to remove a block without causing the stack to crash or collapse. It’s the classic and ultimate stacking of blocks that would leave you and everyone wanting to play it over and over again.

Make sure your hand is steady to pull out the last block before the tower collapses and you can challenge the law of gravity and win.


  • Fun for everyone
  • Great way to pass the time and to bond with family and friends
  • There’s nothing to dislike about the game
  • The game is very addictive and you can stay active
  • If you want some good clean fun then this is the game for you
  • Building the tower with the kids is fun but building with the adults is a blast too
  • So many fun moments to enjoy while playing this game
  • You build a tower of memories with Jenga
  • It’s for all ages
  • Great game and it’s timeless
  • The blocks are solidly made and perfect


  • No negative reviews so far

Where to buy:

Jenga Giant JS7 Hardwood Game

Jenga Giant JS7 Hardwood Game

This is the biggest hardwood authentic Jenga game in the market today. This is recommended for 12 years old and up. It would be set up at 2 feet and it can be stacked to over 5 feet!

It comes with Jenga sports tournament charts for competitive play and it has a heavy-duty giant carry bag for its easy storage and transport. It still has 54 highly-crafted hardwood blocks that measure 7. 13" X 2. 38" X 1. 38". Each piece of a block is nearly 15 times bigger than the classic Jenga block.

This would be great for outdoor play during get-togethers, parties, or any celebration with family and friends. You can only expect the best genuine hardwood materials and the finest craftsmanship of longlasting quality. Each block is smoothly polished and safety is assured.

For the players' utmost safety, they’re advised to always keep their feet on the ground and avoid standing on tables, chairs, stools, or even on ladders. Please follow the age recommendation of 12 years and up. Don’t leave a stacked tower alone and unattended.

Make sure there are no breakable things or glasses around the play area. This tower would collapse anytime during play so discretion should be practiced at all times to avoid damages.


  • Great quality and it can be played well
  • Enormous fun 
  • Great for indoors as well as outdoors
  • A game that can be played at parties for adults as well
  • The teens and 12-year-old kids would love it
  • It’s well-made and has smooth blocks
  • The carrying case is very handy for storage and it comes with two strong handles
  • The original is always the best
  • The wood smells great too


  • No one should stay near it when the tower falls since the set weighs about 30 pounds

It’s also available in 3ft. and 4 ft.

Jenga 3 ft

Jenga 4 ft

Where to buy:

Jenga Game Wooden Blocks Stacking Tumbling Tower Kids Game Ages 6 and Up

Jenga Game Wooden Blocks Stacking Tumbling Tower Kids Game Ages 6 and Up

This is an Amazon exclusive that has more than 3 thousand approval rating of 5 stars. It’s the same classic Jenga with special tubular packaging with a handle. It’s still pulling the block then putting it on top and don’t you dare make it fall.

This fun is the challenging game that’s a great game for families and kids 6 and up and had been well-loved by all ages. You can even play alone and get better and challenge your stacking skills. You’ll get to get a feel on not to tumble those blocks!

It still comes with 54 wooden blocks and an easy-to-use stacking sleeve to help players build the tower. Truly a fun game that doesn’t go out-moded through the times that’s also an awesome gift to give and to receive.


  • Jenga is a great game and the tube box is very cool and pretty much indestructible
  • It's a great game
  • This game is very popular for young and old
  • Simple pleasures
  • Basic wonderful wood fun that’s ageless
  • This is an old-school play and distraction without using any gadget or electricity
  • Its round cylinder is heavy-duty and it’s not a flimsy as the cardboard square box
  • It is an excellent game that’s highly recommendable to anyone as a perfect gift for just about any child or even adults


  • A few didn’t get the cylindrical container

Where to buy:

Jenga Throw 'n Go! Hardwood Game

Jenga Throw

The same well-loved Jenga but this one has a colorful twist. It’s recommended for ages 8 and up. What’s the twist all about? Players roll the die to determine which block they have to remove from the Jenga Throw ‘N Go! tower.

It’s unpredictably exciting since you don’t get to choose which block to move. It would depend on the color that’s out there based on your rolled dice. And When the tower gets tippy you could luck out and roll a reverse that would send playback to the last player.

The game could become trickier if you roll on an ant two! You need to pull out and remove two blocks successfully and to be able to carefully stack them both on top of the tower before your turn ends.

Now, that’s twice the fun! Don’t you think so?


  • The colorful blocks make it more interesting for young kids
  • The dice adds a twist that makes it harder for adults
  • Great toy
  • This is a very fun game just like the original Jenga but with even more fun and more twists
  • This is more fun because you don't know what will be your next move next until you roll the dice
  • This game is pretty educational because you have to think where you're going to move the next piece 
  • You can play Jenga with or without the dice


  • Few didn’t include dice in the set 

Where to buy:

Jenga Spider-Man Collector's Edition

Jenga: Spider-Man Collector

This a collector’s item for a Jenga and Spiderman lover. It consists of 54 custom grey Jenga blocks that resemble a building when they’re stacked. This is a custom Spider-Man gameplay featuring spiderman’s abilities and pumpkin bombs.

A first Spiderman themed Jenga game that can be played the traditional way and be the last player to remove a block without the tower falling and win the game. Or play it the spiderman way wherein the Jenga tower transforms itself into a skyscraper where players help Spiderman to swing his way to the top to capture his archenemy, the Green Goblin.

You need to spin the spinner to be able to make your move. The player that reaches the top first to save the day from the Green Goblin or is closest to the top when the skyscraper falls to win the game.

It comes complete with 4 Spiderman pieces, 1 Green Goblin piece, 1 Spideman spinner, and a loading tray for assembly.


  • It’s a fun spin on Jenga
  • A fun family game that’s two ways to play
  • If you like Jenga and you like Spiderman then this is for you
  • The tiles are well made and the variation can be a lot of fun
  • This enhanced version of Jenga brings so much fun for the whole family
  • Great deal
  • This is for much older kids and adults 


  • It’s somewhat too complicated for younger kids

Where to buy:

Here's another take-off of a Jenga for children with very colorful blocks in it.

Tookyland Wooden Blocks Stacking Game-Colorful Classic Tumbling Tower Balancing Game

Tookyland Wooden Blocks Stacking Game-Colorful Classic Tumbling Tower Balancing Game with Animal Patterns for Kids Ages 3+, 24 Animal Cards, 2 Dices and 2 Gavels Included (82PCS)

This is an educational way and fun way for children from 3 years old up to spend their time with.

The Tookyland wooden blocks stacking game has colorful wooden blocks made from natural juniper wood. Its multicolored blocks were painted with non-toxic materials that won't peel off, and it's lead and BPA free that also passed the formaldehyde test.

It's not only a kid and environment-friendly stacking tower, but it's safe since each of the blocks comes with a smooth round edge and is large that they won't pose any choking hazards.

You could play 2 different games with your kid. The first is the classic Jenga game mechanics of stacking 3 vibrantly colored blocks per layer and take turns in pulling a block that should be placed on top. Whoever is the last one who pulled the block without the tower collapsing wins!

The next option for play would be, playing with dice. The animal on the face of the dice would be the block that should be pulled. The other way is to play is to take the turn to pick which pattern from the 24 animal cards, then you need to remove one block of that animal on it


  • This is a kid-friendly alternative to Jenga that's more colorful
  • It's very sturdy
  • It's so much fun and it's super cute
  • You could play this as a Jenga type game
  • It's Jenga but each block is paint-coated so it slides easier
  • The pieces all have an animal on them and a dice comes with the game to provide guidance on which one should be attempted to be taken out
  • The game also comes with 2 little hammers to help with pushing out the blocks
  • A nice entry-level Jenga for kids even as young as 3 years old
  • Great quality
  • Even the older kids would love to play this


  • It might be hard for the younger kids but it would be great for over 4-year-olds
Where to buy:

What’s the Jenga price? 

The cost of Jenga varies, and the prices range starts at around 12 dollars for the classic Jenga tower and over 100 for the tallest Giant Jenga. 

There are cheaper options that are available, and you might want to read the feedback first before purchasing.

Check the Jenga blocks in Amazon for their updated prices and order Jenga online.

What is the average Jenga height?

The average Jenga height of the classic game is 4.4 x 15.9 x 20.3 cm. Classic Jenga is marketed by Hasbro, who ensures good quality. Many manufacturers also make almost identical and well-constructed Jenga-inspired games.

Jenga is a table game except for the Giant Jenga and the Pass the challenge Jenga.

What is the record for Jenga stacks?

The Guinness world record for Jenga stacks belongs to a man from Arizona. He’s known as the Master Jenga stacker, having stacked 485 blocks on top of just one of the game's pieces hence breaking his own record set last year.

Jenga wood block game is very versatile and flexible because there are Jenga for children as well as for adults. Read more related articles below.

After Thoughts

Who doesn’t love Jenga? Everybody loves Jenga. This is a timeless and ageless game that comes in the classic version and a lot of variations and varieties since it first came out.

It enhances one’s fine motor skills, decision making under pressure, concentration, patience, and friendly competitiveness. It never fails to bring so much joy and excitement to everyone.

You can’t resist it when it’s also hilarious and builds up excitement to new heights. It would always bring your emotions into a different realm of adventure! 

Jenga all the way for unlimited fun!

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