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How to play Jenga with dice?


Table of Contents:

how to play jenga with dice

Jenga is a fun game of physical skill by stacking wooden blocks that began in the 1970s by Leslie Scott an author and a game designer rolled into one. She’s originally from the United Kingdom and moved to Ghana. This is where she and her family created the classic game of Jenga.

She bought the game to the company Harrod’s in London and the game was eventually launched in the U.S. in 1986.

As the starter, one player needs to set-up the tower with 54 wooden blocks in it. The plastic tower loading tray will be used and the player needs to alternate between creating horizontal and vertical levels on the tower.

To do this, three pieces should be placed side by side to create a level.  When building and stacking up is complete, the tower should have 18 levels. Then carefully remove the loading tray and the players can begin play.

The game commences with the players alternating in removing a single block from the tower from anywhere below the highest completed level and begin or add to a new level on top of the tower.  Do note that the players need to complete a level before going further to the next.

Using one hand only and removing and stacking one block per turn only. It’s permitted to test the blocks on how they are before you attempt to remove a block. Are they tight or loose in the stack? 

You don’t have to pull the block or blocks you touch but a rattled block must be returned to its original position by also using one hand only.

The last player to successfully add a piece to the tower before it collapsed over is the winner.  Whoever knocked over the tower has the privilege of setting up the next round.

In the next game, the player who built the tower plays first and would play clockwise for the rest of the game.

That’s for the classic game. How about playing Jenga with a dice? In this game, you’ll need 1 to 2 dice along with the 54 blocks.

When playing Jenga with dice, you will use the same rules as classic Jenga. The only twist and enhancement are that you play with dice to determine how many blocks you need to pull on your turn. 

With the dice, the game becomes more exciting and unpredictable since no one knows how many blocks they would need to pull from the stack.

Aside from the classic Jenga that you could add a dice to play with, one variation you could purchase is the Throw n’ Go Jenga, which consists of more colorful blocks as well as a six-sided dice.

Each player while roll a dice before each turn to determine which color of the block they have to remove. This makes the game more competitive and more colorful fun!

After Thoughts

Jenga would always be fun no matter which way you would play it. Any variation of this game would keep you on your toes and your guts out to the fullest.

With a dice or no dice, it would always bring good moments and a blast with this ever-popular wooden block stacking game!

You can find Jenga with dice on Amazon.com.

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