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How to set up Jenga


How to set up Jenga

Jenga is truly the best wooden family game for everyone. There is the proper way to stack how many levels in Jenga correctly.

How do you set up Jenga?

The first step in playing Jenga is to learn how to set-up the tower with the blocks. And there’s a proper way to be able to set it up correctly.

How to build Jenga tower

The first thing you need to do is to put out all the 54 blocks on a flat surface. Then you start to stack the blocks in three’s until you reach an 18 blocks level of the tower. That’s how many rows in a Jenga tower.

Each new level should have three parallel blocks that should be rotated 90° along the horizontal axis from the last level.

The tower should be straight and the structure should be sturdy. Check that all the blocks interlock each other to ensure that the tower is upright and standing tall without any support at all. 

See to it that all the blocks are in place and no blocks are sticking out. Push any piece that sticks out. 

A loading tray is included in each package to help you set up the tower perfectly. Stories were shared on how it’s easier using a tray to do this. There’s also a Jenga plastic loading tray for some sets. Also, a Jenga wooden box comes in a package to be able to store it safely.

Now, you’re ready to call in the player and there should be at least two players. Make sure everyone is positioned around the tower. If there’s only two of you playing, you both can sit facing each other from opposite sides of the tower.

How many hands to use in Jenga?

Each person playing should only use one hand at a time and that’s one of the major rules in playing this game with the Jenga Tower. That’s the Jenga challenge as each Jenga move should be steady and precise!

You could use both your hands but it could be alternately in your turn and not at the same time. It takes a lot of practice to develop a skill to be able to pull out each block on the side and to place it on the top. 

This goes in all different Jenga games like the xteme, tetris, big, giant, and jumbo versions as well as the other variants as well. Jenga hasbro holds the rights for Jenga adapted all original rules of the game.

The different versions of Jenga have the same stacking rules, levels, and number of pieces. Jenga rules state that you could not take any block out from the top row.

The game is not very strict with the numbers of players but it’s better to play with fewer people so that each one gets more turns. There are some Jenga rules ideas like the classic Jenga, which you can add an option for a more fun play. You could have a Jenga game with questions or name a dare and let the player choose whether he or she would answer a corresponding question or choose dare and do the action on the block.

The classic version is a good family size Jenga to enjoy at home. 

Different ways to set up Jenga

Some found their way how to stack Jenga aside from the usual Jenga set up that comes with the Jenga game rules.

You could set the guide on its side and fill it with blocks. Afterward, it's just a simple matter of lifting one side so that it's right-side up.

Or another way could be:

You make the stack without using the insert

You then put the cardboard insert over the stack, with the horizontal bit on top, and push all the blocks into the insert to make sure they're all straight.

You take the insert off and you could start playing.

Lastly, others build it upside down. You put the cardboard retainer at the bottom, then build the tower. Then slowly flip the tower using the retainer to keep everything in place.

Just apply and choose which way would work for you best since there are different ways to stack Jenga.

Tips for Jenga set-up

To get the game started, all you need is a flat Jenga table with a sturdy surface.

To create how many layers in Jenga in the loading tray, place three blocks next to each other along their long sides. Then stack the next layer of three blocks perpendicular to the previous layer to make it balance. You need to create 18 of these opposite facing layers to build your tower.

Check the YouTube website to see how to set up a Jenga.

After Thoughts

If there’s one game that would come in very handy anytime and anymore, it’s definitely Jenga.

It’s a no-fuss kind of game that all you need is the 54 blocks, your skills, and strategy. It’s also very simple, it doesn’t take a lot of space, you can play it anywhere and anytime, and it would never bore anyone since each set of the game would always be unique and different!

You can read more about our article related to Jenga game rules instructions.

You can find Jenga blocks on the Amazon site.

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