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How to win Jenga


How to win Jenga

Everyone who has played Jenga would know by now the object of the game. It may sound simple that the blocks need to be stacked by each player by removing a piece of the block every turn and to put it successfully on top each time.

As each block is removed the tower becomes more vulnerable to collapse since it becomes more unstable. This is where the thrill and excitement is. You need to be very careful not to make the tower fall!

How do you win Jenga?

The loser is the person who makes the tower collapse. The others are the winners who did not make the tower fall.

This is a game of physical and mental skill all that means to build in Swahili.

The 54 wooden blocks game was created in Ghana in the 1970s by Leslie Scott. To make it more nerve-wracking each brick is slightly different size and weight. For this alone you need strategies on how to win the game every time you play it.

These are the sure ways to win in a game of Jenga.

How to always win in Jenga and beat Jenga?

You need to take your time with it. As Scott said, “with Jenga, you lose it rather than win it,” She recommends each player not to rush on anything. You would find the right block to remove in this case. The weight distribution of the structures changes as the game goes on so those tight blocks might be the easy ones to take on much later.

Don’t follow any strategy since anything goes in Jenga. You need to have a quick appraisal of the tower as the structure changes every after a move. “Every time you assemble a tower of bricks it’s a different game,” Scott said. Therefore, concentrate on your moves instead. 

Don't get sucked into building a tall tower and being so cooperative in the process. "People want to get the tower as high as possible and it becomes a co-operative," Scott says. The higher it gets, the greater the risk it would be unstable. Be after stability rather than height in this matter.

Get dexterous even as the rules say you can only use one hand at a time but that doesn't mean you can't swap hands, according to Scott. Also, another way is to balance the tower against your forearm, using your arm as a brace that is allowed in the game.

Be able to manipulate the tower "Even if there appears not to be a brick available, there might be," advised Scott "If there's a layer where the centre brick has been removed, pinch together the two remaining bricks, then remove the outside one."

Lastly, think about the placement of the blocks. You can do this by placing the bricks on the top of the tower can give you the upper hand. "You can sabotage the tower by balancing it on one side," another tip by Scott. But if your opponent succeeds, you could then up for a harder turn! It might just bounce on you.

These are tips on how to win the game of Jenga through its creator Leslie Scott. For sure, along the way, you can develop your own personal style to win but still based on these winning steps.

After Thoughts

Patience and a lot of practice would also help in winning a Jenga game. Remember each set of the game would always be so different from each other.

The key would be taking into consideration these words from Leslie Scott and to have your own adaption of the game that would make you come out as a winner.

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