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Best Magic Set for 12-year-old and up-Gift Review


Magic tricks seem to be something that people agree on and connect with. It has its unique language that translates to entertaining people everywhere whether young or old. It’s the excitement and fun that each magic tricks are anticipated upon.

Many self-working tricks do not require any special skills and can be learned very by constant practice.

Everybody is magnetized by all those amazing and almost impossible tricks. That's why there are a lot of best kids magic kits available nowadays.

Other types of magic are worth mentioning like the sleight of hand which can be done by older kids and adults.

Performing sleight of hand magic involves being skilled with your hands to do fast hand  movements that seem normal but it can make objects to disappear and reappear

Sleight of hand can use a lot of props that include coins, cards, balls, and other items. Then there are also illusionary acts like levitation or sawing a person into half. There are grandiose acts in history that can make an airplane appear and disappear.

A lot of the trick depends on the magician’s performance and execution of the magic tricks. 

To guide the kids, there are other avenues for learning great and entertaining magic tricks. We would give you the best other resources to be able to perform most of the best magic acts possible. Also, at 12, there is the best beginner magic set for him or her.

Here are the best magic trick sets for 12 years old and above.

Magic Makers 80 Magic Tricks Jaw Droppers Kit

Magic Makers 80 Magic Tricks Jaw Droppers Kit

The kids that are at 12 years old and preteens would like a set that would help them master the art of magic. They need this educational tool to learn seriously about those magic tricks.

They are at their ages wherein they would love and appreciate these 80 astonishing magic tricks revealed in 4 hours of material. It’s a complete course in magic with step by step guidance. It contains 4 volumes of the best magic tricks.

It comes with the Amazing Svengali Deck as a bonus of this full magic instructional training DVD. Larry Anderson, a celebrity magician performs each extraordinary trick then detailed it down with a step-by-step explanation of how you too can amaze your friends with very minimal practice.

It's one of the best magic kits for a 12-year-old indeed!


  • Two small bonus magic gifts are included
  • A high-quality item at a great price
  • Fun tricks are included
  • This is a great deal
  • It’s fun, entertaining, and it will help with dozens of tricks
  • It’s an excellent set
  • Many clever tricks demonstrated and clearly explained
  • It’s highly recommended for kids that are seriously interested in the magic
  • The CD's are great and easy to learn from demonstrations so you can do magic tricks yourself
  • Wonderful fun for a 12-year-old 


  • The magic deck of cards can be complicated to some and it did not come with instructions.

Where to buy:

Magic Makers Royal Road to Card Magic

Magic Makers Royal Road to Card Magic

It’s another helpful training set with a special DeLand's 100 Dollar Marked Deck that comes with a 4 DVD set that will teach the basics and then advance to exciting tricks and mastery of a line-up of magic tricks.

The 4-disc teaching DVD set contains 18 different card magic disciplines with over 100 individual tricks. It’s being shown and demonstrated by professional magician Rudy Hunter.

You’ll be able to start practicing and performing fantastic magic tricks right along with the video demonstration. Be ready to showcase all these magic tricks to an excited audience. It contains some of the world's best magic videos.


  • The set of four DVDs covers most of the basics of card handling for the magician in any family
  • It would take hours of hard practice to learn everything presented but it would prepare you to be ready to move into the spotlight and be able to perform
  • A 12-year-old can learn so much about the mechanics of the illusions as well as the showmanship that one can keep his or her family and friends entertained for a long time
  • The instructions on the DVD are easy to follow but it will take practice
  • It’s a great way to learn card magic
  • Very easy to follow and great quality video
  • The set is unique as it focuses on techniques and then applies them to the tricks
  • It’s a treasury of card magic
  • The card deck are just as described and a really good value for the price


  • It’s not super great but it’s a good set

Where to buy:

Roy Kueppers Bite Coin - Bite Out Quarter Magic Coins

Roy Kueppers Bite Coin - Bite Out Quarter Magic Coins

This is one of the most loved magic tricks. This set includes special gimmick quarter props and instructions. fun novelty toy tricks for all ages and adults and kids. This magic trick is usually done by street magicians and close-up magicians.

Your hand and reflexes should be fast to do the trick perfectly. You ask someone for a quarter and you bite it in front of them. The coin is shown in full view with the missing piece. The magician will make the coin whole again by spitting the missing piece.

It’s made of high-quality material, easy to carry in pockets or wallets and under many magic supplies and the package includes instruction sheet and coin.

It would teach you how to perform this magic act with a borrowed quarter and how you’ll swap it with the magic coin.


  • These bite out coins are very well made
  • It’s super easy to pick up after a couple of practice 
  • It does come with instructions and back up rubber bands in case you do make some mistakes
  • This is the trick if you're looking for a super easy trick to wow some of your friends, 
  • You’ll be able to execute the trick well,
  • The coin looks realistic
  • Works great and it looks like the coin can be bitten into half


  • Be careful since some of the rubber bands don't hold well

Where to buy:

ETCBrand Magic Trick 4 Chinese Linking Rings Set for Kids Stage Magic Trick

Magic Trick 4 Chinese Linking Rings Set for Kids Stage Magic Trick

Another favorite set to incorporate into your magic act. It’s the linking rings magic trick. This set includes 4 linking rings with 1 magic guide. It’s made from Iron and 100% high-quality rings.

These 4 pcs. linking rings are well designed for a magic trick and it has a secret gap to link or unlink other rings. You will be able to connect these four rings and also separate them again.

It’s a great addition to your magic tricks that’s easy and lots of fun. You have to be precise and fast to make this trick seamless. It deserves its spot as one of the best children's magic kits! 


  • It’s the perfect size for kids
  • Inexpensive and it’s a small set for small hands
  • Easy trick
  • Works good
  • Very easy to use
  • It’s a fun little Illusion
  • Kids would be very happy to be practicing this and learning how to do it
  • A good way to learn magic
  • One of the best starter magic kit


  • Few find the directions are difficult to understand and follow

Where to buy:

Magic Makers Magic Tricks You Can Master: Coin Tricks

Coin Tricks You Can Master - Instructional Magic Training

This another instructional training set that has no coins or props in it. You’ll learn how to make coins vanish, reappear, and much more with a step-by-step guide and demonstration from a professional magician, ben salinas.

This course contains how to perform the French drop, finger palm vanish, retention vanish, rub away vanish, classic palm, spider vanish, flurry coins across, 2 in hand, 1 in a pocket, coin assembly, steeplechase, and 4 coin production.

Learn all these wonderful coin tricks in this another offering from Magic Makers.


  • The coin tricks are easy to do
  • The Host, Ben, explains each effect, and then goes into great detail on how to perform the effect
  • He also gives some tips on what not to do
  • This would expand anyone’s coin magic skills
  • A 12 year old son would be thrilled and will enjoy trying to copy the tricks
  • Well done coin magic tricks
  • Awesome DVD and the instructions are understandable
  • Good to practice with this kit
  • It provides a clear and easy to follow instructions on how to make magic happen


  • No negative reviews so far

Where to buy:

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After Thoughts

Learning and knowing about magic tricks plus a lot of practice would result in very good performances. There are multitudes of tricks and studying them is very essential in mastering them.

There are a lot of objects and things around us that can add to your tricks. Aside from what is included in magic sets, you must be able to randomly borrow someone else’s coin, pencil, or dollar bill and be able to execute magic tricks that would surprise people.

One thing to remember though that the trick itself is only part of the whole performance. It’s your overall act and interpretation of the magic tricks, how you present yourself, how you add your sense of humor, and how well you can distract the spectators that make a great and remarkable impact.

Get the best magic kit in the world today for your kid!

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