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Can a pool pump be used as a sprinkler pump?


The answer is no even if they run using the same motor. It would be safer not to try to use a pool pump as a sprinkler pump and vice versa. They are both built on two different systems and purposes.

A sprinkler pump's purpose is to pump water to boost the flow of water to the sprinkler heads to maintain the water pressure needed for proper coverage by the sprinklers.

Sprinklers need high pressure more than they need a high volume of flow of water.

On the other hand, a pool pump consists of a housing, motor, impeller, and a strainer basket. It is a device that creates movement of the water and is usually known as centrifugal pumps. It causes the pool water to move due to the principle of centrifugal force. Pool pumps are self-priming and when they are started up they will release all the air from the system thus creating a vacuum that starts and maintains a suction. You should not run a pump that has lost its prime because that can cause the motor to overheat and be damaged.

Pool pumps are not self-refilling and therefore they can’t pull the water the same way as sprinkler pumps can. The maximum pressure of an average ground type pool pump is 38 lbs. It is not sufficient enough for the simplest sprinkler system in a small area. And pool pumps that were made for sprinkling the ground from above can only provide a maximum of 18 lbs.

A pool pump is not capable to generate enough pressure to run any sprinkler. Pool pumps rely more on volume than pressure when they are used.

The average water pressure for most homes and businesses is between 30 psi and 50 psi. And sprinklers are designed to use pressures of around 30 psi. You can measure the water pressure at your site with a flow meter or water gauge attached to an outdoor faucet.

You can find pool pump for blow-up and sprinkler pump on Amazon.

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