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How to keep your wading pool water clean


How to keep your wading pool water clean

A tidy wading pool is very important and it starts by having clean water in it. There are different types and depths of water in every wading pool. 

Any pool with less than 3 feet of water in it is considered a kiddie pool or a children's wading pool. Most of them don’t come with any filtration systems. These small pools can be at risk of pathogen and bacteria transmission because small amounts of water can be warmer much quickly and they also don’t have any chemicals in them.

To address this issue and to keep a wading pool clean and to prevent diseases, the pool needs to be emptied of water completely and it needs to be cleaned after each use, or add a small amount of pool sanitizer to the water that has the right of percentage versus the water in the pool.

How to keep a kiddie pool water clean

Every time you clean the pool you need to empty it and allow it to dry by air. Wash the bottom and sides with a scrub brush and simple bleach solution weekly. Rinse well before refilling.

You can also use a skimmer to remove bugs, grass, and other debris once or twice daily. This is the best way on how to clean leaves from the bottom of the pool by using a skimmer.

Can you put chlorine in a kiddie pool?

There are also chemicals available for small pools like chlorine tablets. If you put in some chemicals in the pool then you need to leave your pool uncovered so the chemicals could be aired out. Covering your pool with chemicals would have heat inside and therefore algae and bacteria could start to grow.

Here’s a perfect cleaning solution using a chlorine granule. There is a chlorine tablet from Clorox for wading pools. These are for pools that hold 100 or more gallons of water and you can use one tablet per week for a pool of 200 gallons or less, and two tablets weekly for wading pools of over 200 gallons. This is one of the pool cleaners for kiddie pools that are very easy to do.

It would also prevent mosquitoes from breeding in the pool. You need to use a chlorine float dispenser to use this option. It’s the dispenser that would hold the tablet or tablets and just let it float around in the pool when it’s not in use. It’s not recommended to just throw in those tablets in the water.

Ways to keep the pool water clean without chlorine

And for keeping your pool clean with bleach, you would be needing a plain sodium hypochlorite bleach. How much bleach to put in a kiddie pool? The right measurement should be 1/2 cup of 8% sodium hypochlorite bleach per 1,000 gallons of water.

Bleach will kill germs very well but the dirt accumulated into the pool would still be there. The pump and filter would do that job.

Wait four hours after adding chemicals if you must cover your pool. 

Homemade remedies for pool cleaning

A natural way to clean your pool is by adding one cup of distilled vinegar each day. If you practice this, you could eventually change the pool’s water every two to three days then doing it weekly or even for a longer time.

The amount of vinegar could vary depending on your pool’s size. A smaller pool might only need half a cup and a larger one would be better with a cup and a half.

This is the most natural way to clean a wading pool but the downside is you can’t use the water anymore for your garden or plants. 

You might also want a place with no grass or plant around if you’ll use a vinegar cleaning solution for your pool. You don’t want them dead and withered although they’ll grow back again.

Wading pools don’t go very deep so these above cleaning methods and how to keep your water in them clean would work fine! Keep your kiddie pool using this homemade cleaning solution.

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