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Best Marble Run For 2 Year Old and Up (Gift Review)


One of the best toy ideas for 2-year-olds that’s also considered the best building toys for toddlers is a marble run set. You toddler will be able to enjoy the best quality marble run. Let your kid experience what the best marble game is like and be a witness of the joy it brings.

Buying gifts is both enjoyable and a bit stressful at the same time. There are so many things to consider when looking for the perfect gift for families and friends. The same is true when buying gifts for babies and children, and most especially to find the best learning gifts for a 2-year old. 

No need to stress over what to get your kid. Choose from the awesome blocks and marbles superset for him and her to have a blast with the best marble maze, marble games, and marble race toy!

There is a plethora of options and everything looks cute and fun. However, when looking for a gift for children it is important to consider the safety and age of the kids. It’s also essential to find the best discovery toys that are enjoyable, educational, and entertaining as well.

Tips in Choosing Gifts for Children


Before buying a gift, find out the gender of the kid first. Although most toys are not gender specific some come in different colors. A boy may not want to receive a pink toy and a girl may not appreciate receiving a toy car. 


Not all toys are appropriate for all ages. Board games may not be suitable for children 2 years and below as they might not understand it yet. Same with kids at the age of 5 might not enjoy playing with rattles anymore. 


Children’s immune system is still in the process of development, so toys that may contain toxic is a big no. Toys that contain small parts may cause choking for very young kids and is also not advisable. 

Encourages Child Development

Many toys nowadays are created to enhance a child’s development. It can be sensory, motor, cognitive, social or emotional development. It is never too early to teach a child and develop their skills. Besides, it is more enjoyable to learn while having fun.


Gifts do not always need to be expensive. When buying toys for kids, keep in mind that most of them will outgrow it after a few times of playing with them. So best to buy toys that are not too pricey but are both enjoyable and educational.

Aside from toys, there are other things that can be given to kids as gifts. It can be clothes, books, food, essentials and even money. However, most kids may appreciate receiving toys so they can play with it and share it with their parents or siblings. One interactive toy that both children and parents can play with is the marble run. This toy is appropriate for kids as young as 2 years old and up. It has different types and levels that is appropriate for a certain age, so be sure to read the guidelines first and confirm which age it is suitable for.

Why choose the best marble run set instead of the best train sets for toddlers?

Kids could play marble run using train tracks as marble tracks that make it more innovative and exciting compared to the traditional train sets. There are numerous designs of tracks and mazes that could be used during each marble run. 

What is the purpose of having the best marble run sets?

Marble runs greatly builds self-esteem in children. As early as 2 years old, they would learn to explore, build, and race using a marble run. It would not only build their self-esteem but their cognitive and motor skills too. They could accomplish building and play with the marble run at the same time.

Here are some of the best marble run for 2 year old and up:

Tri Horse Ball Track

Tri Horse Ball Track

Trihorse is a brand in Europe that is known for manufacturing handmade and quality wood toys. Apart from that, their toys are not only enjoyable but also support children’s development. They have toys that are suitable for different ages.

Their Ball Track Maxi is a wooden marble run toy that is made of quality beech wood. True to their promise this marble run is not simply a toy but is also educational. It is designed to help kids practice their reaction time, coordination of hand and eye as well as their hearing skills. This toy contains balls, car, train, cart wheel flower and cart wheel jack.

Compared to other marble run toys, the balls or marbles included here are much bigger to avoid kids from swallowing and choking from it. The Ball Track Maxi is suitable for children two years of age and up. The accessories that come with this wooden marble run can also be purchased separately.


  • Made from high quality wood
  • Handmade
  • Entertaining and educational
  • Sturdy
  • No need to assemble
  • Perfect gift for children
  • Safe for children, accessories are big enough to avoid choking
  • Paint used are environmental and kid safe 


  • A bit expensive

Where to buy:

Hape Roller Derby

Hape Roller Derby

The Hape Roller Derby is a wooden marble run toy for kids that contain tracks, holes for peek-a-boo and wooden balls that are colorful and eye catching. It encourages children to learn the concept of back and forth, slow and fast. This Hape Roller Derby had received several awards in 2014.

This marble run has two sides with different designs and tracks that kids will love. It is a great interactive toy for both the parents and the child with its peek-a-boo holes. At the end of this marble run track, there is a bell that will ring as soon as the ball reaches the end. The chime adds fun while the kids play.

Aside from momentum, kids will also learn different patterns as well as colors. It is easier to learn and teach children when they are having fun. This toy is safe for children 12 months and up. The wood used is smooth and the paint is non-toxic.


  • Made from quality wood material
  • Paint used is water based
  • Handy, can be easily carried anywhere
  • Educational toy
  • Fun and enjoyable
  • Has peek-a-boo holes for added fun
  • Award winning
  • Prevents choking


  • Poor quality
  • The ball sometimes gets stuck on the track

Where to buy:

KidSource Super Spiral Tower

KidSource Super Spiral Tower

The Super Spiral Tower is KidSource’s version of the marble run toy. This colorful toy will capture any kid’s attention and learn the different colors at the same time. This toy is intended to help develop children’s fine motor skills.

The Super Spiral Tower contains three colorful rattle balls and seven ramps in different colors. The rattle balls are enjoyable as it is and the size is just perfect for easy grasping. This toy is a good way to introduce color, sounds and movements for young children. Parents can play with their children or let the kids discover it by themselves.

This toy is designed with the safety of children in mind as it had passed all the safety requirements. Even kids who are only 12 months old can already play with this toy. Balls will not choke children.

It’s one of the best plastic marble run for a toddler.


  • Safe for children as young as 12 months
  • Supports fine motor skills development
  • Easy to assemble
  • Contains cute rattle balls
  • Colorful
  • Sturdy
  • Easily catches child’s attention
  • Balls included can easily fit a child’s grasp


  • The toy is too light, falls easily

Where to buy:

One of the best kinds of marble runs is Quadrilla. Find out here why it’s amazing and a good kind of marble run for a 2-year-old.

What is a Quadrilla’s twist and rail set instructions?

The Quadrilla Twist and Rail Set includes 99 pieces of a mix of straight and curved rails and a twist. It also includes a seesaw that tips in the direction with the most marbles and moves them in a race to the bottom of the run. It comes with 50 marbles and a terrific instruction book in the package.

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