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Best race car tracks for 2 year olds (Gift Review)


Your toddler needs intellectual and sensory stimulation to promote their growth and independence. As a parent you need to surround them with colorful objects that will catch their attention and help them understand cause and effect in the world, they are living in. There are many exciting toys to choose from but race car tracks are undoubtedly on top of the list. Nurture your child’s interest in vehicles and how they function. At a young age, toddlers will begin to understand how cars function and how important it is. Race car tracks are colorful and come in all sizes and shapes and stoke your child’s curiosity and help improve their motor skills.

A part of every growing up toddler, especially among boys, is racing car toys for kids.

Ideal Play for Two-Year-old Children

  • When choosing childcare and preschools, look for those that include unstructured playtime. Playful learning, where children take the lead and follow their own curiosity, should be the main focus of high-quality early childhood education.
  • Give your child blocks, empty containers, wooden spoons, and puzzles. Simple and inexpensive objects are some of the best ways to support a child's creativity. Remember, it is parents and caregivers' presence and attention that enriches children―not fancy electronic gadgets.
  • Give your child opportunities to play with peers. This is a good age to try a parent-supervised playdate.
  • Help your child explore her body through different movements—for example, walking, jumping, and standing on one leg.
  • Provide opportunities for make-believe play—for example, pretending to drink out of an empty cup or offering toys that enable pretend play.
  • Read regularly to and with your child. Encourage pretend play based on these stories.
  • Sing songs and play rhythms so that your child can learn and join in the fun. Begin to introduce some age-appropriate games like Simon Says.

Cognitive Development: Two-Year-Old

Think back to your child’s infancy and early toddler months. That was a time when he learned about the world by touching, looking, manipulating, and listening. Now, as a two-year-old, the learning process has become more thoughtful. His grasp of language is increasing, and he’s beginning to form mental images for things, actions, and concepts. He also can solve some problems in his head, performing mental trial-and-error instead of having to manipulate objects physically. And as his memory and intellectual abilities develop, he’ll begin to understand simple time concepts, such as “You can play after you finish eating.”

Your toddler also is starting to understand the relationship between objects. For instance, he’ll be able to match similar shapes when you give him shape sorting toys and simple jigsaw puzzles. He’ll also begin to recognize the purpose of numbers in counting objects—especially the number two. And as his understanding of cause and effect develops, he’ll become much more interested in winding up toys and turning lights and appliances on and off.

You’ll also notice your toddler’s play growing more complex. Most noticeably, he’ll start stringing together different activities to create a logical sequence. Instead of drifting randomly from one toy to another, he may first put a doll to bed and then cover it up. Or he may pretend to feed several dolls, one after the other. Over the next few years, he’ll put together longer and more elaborate sequences of make-believe, acting out much of his own daily routine, from getting up in the morning to taking a bath and going to bed at night.

The major intellectual limitation at this age, would be your child’s feeling that everything that happens in his world is the result of something he has done. With a belief like this, it becomes very difficult for him to understand correctly such concepts as death, divorce, or illness, without feeling that he played some role in it. So, if parents separate or a family member gets sick, children often feel responsible.

Here are some of the best race car tracks for 2 year olds:

Fisher-Price Little People Take Turns Skyway

Fisher-Price Little People Take Turns Skyway

At over 3 feet tall, the Little People Take Turns Skyway is the tallest Wheelies racetrack ever. With three different tracks, an awesome launcher, cool racing sounds and phrases, and pretend play stops along the way, this track set is loaded with awesome racing fun for toddlers to discover and share.

Little things that make a big difference taking turns: as kids share the tracks, sending vehicles zooming down and around, they see that taking turns means more fun for everyone! Imaginative play: With easy-to-grasp vehicles and pretend play stops like a gas & repair station, toddlers can use their imaginations to create stories as they play.

Fine motor: little hands get a big workout as they grasp the vehicles and send them zooming down the tracks.


  • Easy to put together
  • Kids love it
  • Also teaches social skills
  • Exercises fine and gross motor skills


  • Uses up battery fast
  • Takes time to build
  • Not as good as older versions

Where to buy:

Ontel Magic Tracks Xtreme

Ontel Magic Tracks Xtreme - Race Car & 10

This glow in the dark race track gets kids excited for night time play! It bends & flexes as the LED racecar zooms around the buildable, 10-foot track. The kid's racecar track set features 200 pieces of interchangeable track & one LED race car. The track quickly snaps together & can be bent, looped & flexed in different ways to create a fun race track.

The Magic Tracks Extreme is recommended for ages 2 years and up. LED car requires 3 AAA batteries (not included). The track can roll up for quick storage & portability.


  • Tracks are well-made
  • Fun toy
  • Great quality
  • Amazing detail


  • Choking hazard
  • Eats batteries
  • Some parts in the advertisement are not included
Where to buy:

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels - Disney Mickey Mouse Ramps Fun House

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels - Disney Mickey Mouse Ramps Fun House

Launch the Mickey Mouse convertible off the ramps, mix and match the tracks into three different configurations to promote motor skills.

Placing the smart point Mickey Mouse convertible on the two smart point locations triggers phrases, sounds and melodies. Teaches the letter "C" And the name of the vehicle.

For even more fun, collect other go! Go! Smart wheels vehicles and playsets which are sold separately.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Has great sounds


  • Boring toy
  • Flimsy
  • Vehicles have to be pushed
  • Wobbly pieces
Where to buy:

Let's explore the other racing car sets for kids since there are a lot of styles, designs, and functions. With our racing tracks toys reviews, you'll be more familiar with all types of racing sets, including the best slot car racing sets.

Toy slot racing sets are very popular these days, and what is slot car racing? This slot racing is all about using powered miniature cars that would be guided by grooves or slots in the tracks they would be running. Slot car racing toys are modeled after real cars, although some might have their exterior designed for a miniature race.

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Final Thoughts

Getting toddlers involved in play enhances their development. Race car tracks are an excellent choice to keep children active and exercise their imagination. Race car tracks are important educational toys that will help your toddler understand the world around them.

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