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Best race car tracks for 5-year olds (Gift Review)


Do you want your cute 5-year-old to give you an absolutely adorable smile? Give them a brand new, shiny toy!

Five-year-old kids are becoming stronger and need more mental stimulation compared to when they were younger. You may have noticed that your five-year-old child is indeed becoming a little of a troublemaker especially when they tinker with appliances and your for adults only electronics especially when you leave them out of your sight. It’s fortunate if they haven’t broken or have gotten into accidents yet.

Your five-year-old is developing fast and the stimulation around them has to keep up with their growing curiosity and intelligence. In fact, five years old is the age when most kids are already in school. They may love school so much that they expect the same stimulation at home. The toys you give them have to be more sophisticated to feed their growing knowledge of the world. Toys for babies are simply not enough and would be deemed boring at this age. Fortunately race car tracks are a top choice for kids this age. The race gives them an adrenaline rush and excitement as their favorite toy car rushes past the finish line. Your kid will be amused for hours!

What to Expect from a Five-Year-Old

  • Playing and learning

Even as your child gets older and starts school, play is important. It’s still how your child learns and builds social, emotional and thinking skills.

Your child’s pretend play is more complex now, filled with lots of fantasy and drama. You might also notice that your child can play with others to achieve a common goal – for example, working together to build one big sandcastle. He might also be able to work things out if another child doesn’t want to play a particular game.

Your child is becoming more social and prefers to play with friends rather than on her own. Your child can share, although she might find it hard to share some of her favorite things.

Games with rules sometimes challenge your six-year-old, and he might even accuse others of cheating when he doesn’t win.

  • Thinking

Your child can pay attention for longer. She understands simple concepts like time (today, tomorrow, yesterday), knows the seasons, recognizes some words by sight and tries to sound out words. She might even read on her own.

Your child is better at seeing other people’s points of view, which helps him to make friends and meet new people.

  • Motor skills

Your five-year-old is more coordinated and loves to show off new physical skills.

Your child can learn how to ride a bike, jump rope, balance on one foot for a short period of time, and walk downstairs without needing to hold your hand, skip and catch a large ball. Many six-year-olds will also be interested in playing team sports like soccer.

Your child’s fine motor skills are improving, which leads to more independence with things like tying shoelaces, using zips and buttons, and brushing hair. He might still find it hard to cut up his food with a knife, but he enjoys the chance to practice.

Here are some of the best race car tracks sets for 5-year olds (boy or girl):

Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set

Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set [Amazon Exclusive]

Crank up the competition with four intersecting crash zones and a car feeder ramp for challenging, high-octane action! Racers can line up their Hot Wheels cars and let them rip for near misses or total wipeouts. Drive kids' creativity and experimentation with more than 16 feet of track with hairpin turns, motorized boosters, and a giant crash zone. Crash-and-bash thrills unleash storytelling excitement and unlock imaginative play. The set includes parking spaces for additional storage and safeguards over crash zones. Comes with one Hot Wheels vehicle. Not for use with some Hot Wheels vehicles.


  • awesome toy
  • kids love it
  • really works
  • durable material
  • made to last


  • can’t purchase replacement pieces
  • bad design and planning to have little pieces that are essential but not replaceable
Where to buy:

Hot Wheels Ultimate Gator Car Wash Playset

Hot Wheels Ultimate Gator Car Wash Playset

The Hot Wheels Ultimate Gator Car Wash provides hours of storytelling fun with sensory water play and magical color change transformations. Try to escape the swirling whirlpool without getting chomped by the gigantic gator. Kids can start their car wash adventure by sending their cars up the massive crank elevator.

Turn the knob on the water tower to drench your car watch it magically change color! Drive through the crazy track and through the push-around-play brushes and rollers of the car wash before taking one final dunk in the whirlpool chamber where your car magically changes color again.

Ignite kids' imagination as you try to escape the whirlpool and get past the gator's massive jaws and on to your next heroic adventure. This exciting water-park style play set features a manual crank elevator, crazy track, water tower, whirlpool dunk tank, and 1 Color Shifters car. The play set has multiple connections points to connect to other Hot Wheels sets for a customizable world of track and play.


  • There are a number of fun play features such as the color charging car, water tanks, rollers, and a massive lift mechanism
  • Really works
  • Durable materials
  • Huge set
  • Best for five-year olds and up


  • Hard to disassemble for storage
Where to buy:

Fisher-Price Disney Mickey & the Roadster Racers, Mickey Ears Raceway

Fisher-Price Disney Mickey & the Roadster Racers, Mickey Ears Raceway

Mickey and the gang love racing around Hot Dog Hills, and one of the best places to race is down Mickey's ear-shaped raceway. Mickey challenges one of his pals to see who can race down the fastest from the top of the Hot Dog Hills highway. Will it be Donald in his Cabin Cruiser, Goofy riding his Turbo Tubster, or Minnie driving her Pink Thunder?

The Disney Mickey Ears Raceway by Fisher-Price is based on Disney Junior's Mickey and the Roadster Racers. The track set features a Mickey ear-shaped double-level raceway with 8 feet (2,4m) of track. Race two cars at once by pressing the spring-loaded dual launcher. Choose which way each car will race by setting the switch gates. Zoom past the spinning flags and road signs, and zip to the finish line.


  • Fun toy
  • Easy to use
  • Durable build
  • Kid proof
  • Made to last


  • cars won't go around the track
  • too rigid
Where to buy:

Final Thoughts

At five years old kids not only want to have playmates but they also want to create stories. Luckily there are race car tracks built for the imagination of five-year-old kids and the features are sophisticated enough so kids can play to their heart’s content. Remember, that play is essential to growing children because it stimulates their cognitive abilities so they will grow to be smart adults.

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