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Can you put kinetic sand in water?


Have you ever tried a craft hobby that you can say is something truly out of this world? Merging art and science creates fun and amazing effects that can get adults and kids mesmerized for hours.

At first glance, magic or kinetic sand seems a lot like traditional sand, if you ignore its often-vibrant color. Magic sand is granular; it slides through your fingers just like the beach variety.

But when you place it underwater, magic sand starts revealing its unusual characteristics.

Underwater, magic sand can be shaped and molded into fun shapes, such as a castle or an apple, without creating a cloudy suspension of sand grains. And if you pour away the water, a magic sand sculpture collapses into a pile of completely dry sand, instead of maintaining its shape as wet beach sand does.

That’s because magic sand repels water instead of absorbing it. Even after being submerged in water, this curious sand stays dry.

Sculpture and shape kinetic sand now and melt your stresses away. Get your kids in the fun and stimulate their cognitive development with this fun toy sand.

Kinetic Sand, Dig & Demolish Truck Playset with 1lb

Kinetic Sand, Dig & Demolish Truck Playset with 1lb, for Kids Aged 3 and Up

Scoop or crush with the truck’s detachable tools. Mold bricks and crush them with the jackhammer tool. Clip on the scooper front loader and clean up your construction site.

Open up the Dig & Demolish box to reveal a construction-themed enclosed play space. When you’re finished playing, pack everything back into the box for easy clean up and storage.

The Kinetic Sand Dig & Demolish set is perfect for creative and imaginative play and makes a great gift for kids aged 3 and up. Kinetic Sand is made from natural sand and is wheat, gluten and casein free, making it safe for play. Build, dig and crush.

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