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Can you eat kinetic sand?


Kinetic sand is a new and creative toy that can provide children with hours of inventive fun.

It also has many adults hooked as its soft and silky feel relieves stress and anxiety. Like clay, the sand can be molded into shapes and forms making it a favorite in any child’s toybox, but is it safe?

Although kinetic sand is non-toxic, eating large quantities of it can be dangerous which is exactly why small children should not be allowed to play with the sand unsupervised.

The very properties that make the sand so much fun to mold and touch is the same reason why ingesting it could cause problems.

Large amounts of the sand could become stuck in the bowels because the movement of the bowels will simply mold and form the sand rather than move it.

While consuming small amounts of sand will not cause harm, removing large amounts of kinetic sand from the bowel may require extreme methods such as surgery.

Kinetic Sand – Shimmering Sand Multi-Pack with Molds

Kinetic Sand – Shimmering Sand Multi-Pack with Moulds

Are you bored with the usual arts and crafts? Are you raring to create something that is truly out of this world? Science and art converge with the magical kinetic sand. Playing and creating will melt your stresses away because it is also fun for adults!

Create a glimmering, shimmering, dazzling creation with kinetic sand’s multi-pack! For the first time ever, you can collect three different shimmering pastel shades of the magical, moldable sand that you can't put down! Each shimmery color comes in a castle-shaped container that doubles as a reusable mold! Make a glitzy kinetic creation, then build again and again! With sand that never dries out, the possibilities are endless! Free of gluten, casein and wheat, Kinetic Sand is fun and safe for everyone! Squish, shape and create!

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