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Does an inflatable pool float?


Yes! An inflatable pool can float—at least most of them anyway. However, pool experts define an inflatable pool as an “above-ground pool” made with polyvinyl chloride or natural rubber. Going by that definition, it seems like the main purpose of the inflatable pool is to stay above ground. 

So why do you have to make an inflatable pool float? But just for the sake of discussion, inflatable pools made from polyvinyl chloride or PVC usually float as this is also the material used in creating a pool float or floater. If that is surprising, you are probably thinking about the PVC used in pipes. PVC actually comes in two forms: rigid and flexible. The flexible kind is added with plasticizers to make it even more flexible. This is the kind used in inflatables including the inflatable pool. Some inflatable pools are made of vinyl. This is the one that doesn’t float and is sturdier. The inflatable pool was generally created as a kiddie pool. The pool made from vinyl is usually for family use—both adults and children. This is probably the cheapest way to have a pool in the house. It works the same way as the more permanent pool anyway—it keeps you cool!

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