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Best science experiment kits for kids 6 years old (Gift Review)


Have you found yourself catching your breath trying to keep up with your six-year old? If you have given up and plopped on a sofa while your kid is still running around or lingering in the playground’s monkey bars you know that you have a handful to contend with. Your six-year-old is now growing more and more physically strong and demand intellectual and physical stimulation.

If you get them out of your sight you may find that they already have your smartphone and your gadgets in their hands. This is a big no-no since your grownup stuff are not playthings for children. Give your child stimulation that is specifically for them and give toys where they can learn things.

Best science experiment kits for kids may just be the next toy that can bring a sparkle in your kid’s eyes. Guide them in the intricate world of STEM and have a precious bonding moment. Your six-year-old needs more sophisticated toys and best science experiment kits for kids is the toy that will get them hooked and interested for hours. They won’t be interested in any of your electronics and gadgets since they have their very own science toy to tinker with and unravel.

What to Expect from Your Six-Year-Old?

Children have a developed moral sense at this age and have a concept of what is right and wrong. They may “tell on” peers who have done something wrong. Conflicts even among friends can erupt because kids stick to their rigid moral code. However as easily as flare ups happen, they fade just as quickly and kids forgive and forget easily especially with the guidance of parents and teachers.

A longer attention span is a characteristic of six-year olds and they will be able to process more complex information and instructions at school and at home. They have more complex thoughts and their curiosity about the world is increased tenfold.

Reading and writing will be activities that six-year olds will begin to take up. You will be surprised that they can even write stories, usually about themselves. For example, they can write a description about what they did for the summer or on a vacation.

The number of descriptive words they have for sounds and sight will increase and overall, their vocabulary will be increased. They can also spell at this age although there may be some flaws. They will learn grammar rules such as capitalization and spelling.

They will take up reading and have an opinion about a story’s plot and characters.

When it comes to play, kids will have a better understanding of what is real. They may insist on doing real stuff such as baking real cookies rather than pretend clay in a pretend kitchen. Because of this, this may be the perfect time to teach your kids some skills and introduce a best science experiment kit set toy.

Here are some of the best science experiment kits for kids 6 years old.

National Geographic Break Open 10 Premium Geodes – Includes Goggles, Detailed Learning Guide & 2 Display Stands

National Geographic Break Open 10 Premium Geodes – Includes Goggles, Detailed Learning Guide & 2 Display Stands - Great Stem Science Gift for Mineralogy & Geology Enthusiasts of Any Age

Your kid can have a taste of what geologists on TV do. Wherever you are, your kid can be a little geologist with this fun and exciting kit that comes with activities and manuals that make playtime fun and educational. 

Geology doesn’t get more exciting then breaking open rocks and finding crystal treasures! Geodes can form with a variety of crystals inside and National Geographic strives to bring you the best variety available. This earth science kit provides a hands-on science experiment that you and your children are guaranteed to love.


  • geodes are natural, not a manufactured product
  • high quality geodes
  • easy-opening


  • many turn out to be solid rocks and/or become completely smashed when we finally opened
Where to buy:

Galt Toys, Rainbow Lab, Science Kits for Kids

Galt Toys, Rainbow Lab, Science Kits for Kids

Have you ever wished you could capture a rainbow? Now you can see and view the rainbow to your heart’s content because we have it trapped in a bottle. Encourage your child’s curiosity and help them see the world through rainbow lenses they’ve made all their own.

Featuring 12 exciting experiments, the bright, bold, and brilliant Rainbow Lab provides a truly illuminating learning experience. Young scientists can grow colorful crystals to make a test tube rainbow, experiment with color mixing, and see the world through rainbow glasses, promoting creative problem solving while engaging even the most active imaginations.

Rainbow Lab is an ideal first science experiment kit, containing all the tools your young scientist needs to get started on the 12 engaging activities inside. All you'll need to add to your Galt science kit is a few essentials that you can easily find around the home, which means the fun, hands-on learning can start right away!


  • Lots of fun
  • good quality
  • No stains
  • Catastrophe free toy
  • Great for curious kids


  • Has a flimsy build
Where to buy:

Light-up Crystal Growing Kit for Kids - Grow Your Own Crystals and Make Them Glow

Crystal Growing Kit for Kids + LIGHT-UP Stand - Science Experiments for Kids - Crystal Science Kits - Craft Stuff Toys for Teens - STEM Projects for Boys & Girls - Grow Crystals and Make Them Glow

Crystals are like plants you can grow them. Grow crystals and see a whole new world of color and dazzle but best of all learn how it all happens. Crystals don’t have to grow on the deep earth you can grow them right on your laboratory kit!

Let your child feel like a real chemist mixing the special ingredients and watching the crystal grow, day by day. And when you're done, display it on the light-up display for all to admire! Follow along with the beautifully illustrated 12-page booklet describing how crystals are formed.

Growing the crystals is only half the fun. Turn your newly formed crystals into a piece of art by placing them on the included LED Light-up Display and watch the lights burst through the complex crystal formations. It's a truly magical sight at night.


  • Great STEM toy
  • Crystal really grows like in the picture
  • Creates a beautiful effect with the lights
  • Great light stand


  • Make sure to follow instructions to get perfect outcomes
Where to buy:

Final Thoughts

Protect your gadgets and electronics from your energetic six-year olds and give them their own toy to play with. Give them age appropriate toys that will stimulate cognitive development and hasten their problem-solving skills. Best science experiment kits for kids six years old and above are just the thing to get your little Einstein started in the world of STEM.

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