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Best science experiment kits for kids 8 years old (Gift Review)


Your eight-year-old kid is now a precocious mini adult. They have advanced learning and skills that can make them more independent. You will probably notice that they can do a lot of things on their own such as dressing themselves up and eating on their own. If you taught them, they probably know how to operate basic settings in kitchen appliances and can cook simple meals like fried eggs or pancake. As a parent, you will find that by eight years old the future adult your child is meant to be is already unfolding. They are becoming more skilled, independent, and responsible.

They want to do the real stuff and make real cookies instead of their funny pretend clay cookies. You may not be so bothered if you catch them with your electronic gadgets because they know how to operate them at this point. However, some parents think grownup gadgets should still be off limits to younger children and they should have age appropriate toys.

STEM toys are great toys that can get eight-year olds mesmerized and involved for hours. Get your eight-year-old a sophisticated toy that has enough complexity to keep them from getting bored. Prepare your child for a future career in STEM by getting them involved in STEM learning at a young age.

Milestones for Eight Year Olds

You will find that eight-year olds are at a sudden growth spurt. They advance at a faster rate physically, emotionally, and mentally. Most eight-year olds advance in their cognitive development. They are also more mature in their decision making and ask enough questions to arrive at a logical and fair conclusion. They are becoming more mature and their personality is unfolding for parents to discover. 

There are gains in cognitive development especially with the understanding of money and finances. Children learn to count money and also understand that money is needed to buy stuff.

Emotions also play a large role in children’s lives and they begin to develop worry, anxiety and sadness. Whenever they are in one of their moods it will affect their behavior and their thinking. They may often feel angry if they don’t have enough options.

Kids can tell time at this stage and can understand how long increments are. They understand statements such as “You have 10 more minutes until we have to leave,” or “Your birthday is three days away.”. Your child will grasp the concept of time and know the value of waiting.

Play at this age depends on the kind of play they have been exposed to at a younger age. If they loved sports, they may continue being involved in that at this age. If you introduced them to STEM toys you may need to get them more sophisticated and complex toys and upgrade their kits.

Play is serious at this age because they are now able to concentrate on a task for more than an hour. Play is the grounds on which their future careers are being laid out especially if they spend so much on certain play such as art and science.

Parents should guide eight-year olds at this point and encourage them to tackle some problems they may encounter. Eight-year olds now have the capacity to do some problem solving and abstract reasoning to get through their struggles with games or school projects. Help them find solutions for their everyday school challenges.

Here are some of the best science experiment kits for kids 8 years old.

Smart Circuits

Smart Circuits

Get your little adult ready with a toy that imitates real life STEM projects. Kids will love building and dealing with real electronics and gadgetry.  This is pretend play no more but the real stuff!

Get with the programs! Explore unlimited electronic projects to create working games and gadgets with snap-together base boards, light and sound modules, a microprocessor, and jumper wires. Complete the circuit to make cool gadgets like a light-sensing electronic rooster, a musical baton, a doorbell, and a motion-sensing room alarm.

Create fun games like a drag Race game that tests your reaction time Like a real drag racer, a version of the classic video game pong, and even a quiz show game. The 48-page lab manual includes step-by-step instructions for 50 sophisticated builds that teach kids about electronics, light, and sound—plus endless options to build custom creations. This exciting educational kit includes: microprocessor, speaker, battery pack, light sensor, tricolor LED array, tilt switch, variable resistor, 2 push buttons, 6 modular boards, 31 Jumper wires in 4 lengths, and a 48-page manual. Requires 3 x 1.5V AAA (LR03) batteries, not included.


  • Great toy that stimulates kids
  • Educational toy that exceeds expectations
  • Children will learn building with easy to read and follow instructions
  • Kids can build items without adult help


  • No negative reviews so far
Where to buy:

Giggleway Electric Motor Robotic Science Kits, DIY STEM Toys for kids, Building Science Experiment Kits for Boys and Girls-Doodling, Balance Car, Reptile Robot

Giggleway Electric Motor Robotic Science Kits, DIY STEM Toys for kids, Building Science Experiment Kits for Boys and Girls-Doodling, Balance Car, Reptile Robot (3 kits)

Robots are a fun way to get your kids excited about the world of STEM. Help them build simple robots with this kit and help enhance their reading and building skills. This toy offers tons of fun that will get your kid engaged for hours. Encourage your kids to build their robots and enjoy the endless fun of DIY science activities. Perfect gifts recommended for teens age 8 years and up.

Includes 3 sets parts for kids to assemble. Create electric balance car toys, doodling robot, Reptile robot. Kids can create electronic builds with their own hands, using the motors, wires and all parts included. Make learning more fun, learn basic principles of simple circuit, motors, mechanical and engineering. Stimulate their curiosity and creativity.

Clear and complete science guide booklet for kids to follow, let your kids to explorer their own world independently. Exercise their ability to solve the problems.


  • Beautiful color instructions
  • Each page is broken down into simple steps to complete kit.
  • Great gift idea
  • Eye-catching packaging includes 3 robotic building learning kits
  • A well-bound booklet


  • Too small in scale for small hands
Where to buy:

Final Thoughts

Your eight-year-old kid wants a more sophisticated toy with more complex instructions. Toys such as robots help children understand the world of science and engineering as well as help them build something cool and give hours of fun. Toys for eight-year olds are beginning to resemble real life STEM activities.

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