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Best Magic Trick to Buy


Every magician would surely have their best magic tricks to perform for their audience.  Some of the most popular tricks are available to buy in the market and online. Here is an article on where to buy the best magic tricks set.

These good magic tricks could be given their interpretations and every magician should own them and feel comfortable in performing them.

Here are the three best magic tricks to buy.

You can find below some of the best and cheap magic tricks to purchase.

Brainwave Deck Trick

The first on the list is a brainwave deck that a lot of magicians use when performing.

What is a brainwave deck?

The Brainwave Deck dispels any belief that you are simply turning the card over as you reveal it because the card they chose to name would later be shown to have come from a completely different deck with different colored back design.

This would prove that you knew what card the spectator would randomly choose before they even choose it.

How do you do the Brainwave card trick?

  • Simply ask a spectator to think of any card in the deck
  • Their brainwaves are supposedly sent to the deck
  • When the chosen card has been said by your spectator, you just take out the deck and reveal his or her chosen card.
  • The card is not only the single card that has its face up in the deck, but it's also the only card with a red back in the deck.

Magical indeed and it never fails to leave the audience in wonder.

This effect is rather easy to learn and it doesn't require any sleight of hand. It’s one of the best card tricks of all time.

You can find brainwave deck on Amazon.

Invisible Deck Trick

Another mesmerizing source of a lot of magic tricks is the invisible deck.

What is an invisible deck?

The invisible deck is a trick deck of cards with a lot of unlimited possibilities into it. It’s also popularly known as an imaginary deck while to erstwhile magicians, it’s their utility deck.

It's a great deck of cards to have in every magician’s repertoire because there are a lot of tricks that can be performed with it.

Imagine having an invisible deck of cards become visible and proving it by also having the selected invisible card becomes instantly visible or let a spectator call a friend who coincidentally names the card you have turned over in the deck before the actual call?

Or passing the deck of cards out for closer examination but you still have remarkable control over the selected cards shuffled into the deck by making the selected cards appear on the top of the deck, and incredible magic where you can instantly produce the four aces in the deck and many, many more tricks!

To make an invisible deck, a standard deck of Bicycle cards is opened.  The cards are magically changed to make all the tricks possible. The box is not resealed at all.

You can find invisible deck on Amazon.

Thumb tip Trick

Another go-to trick is the thumb tip trick that you can perform a lot of variations.

What is a thumb tip trick?

A thumb tip is a magic prop that can be used to perform a wide variety of magic tricks. It is hollow and can be plastic, rubber, or a metal thumb that fits over the top of your thumb.

It’s normally used for switches, vanishes, and reproductions. Some of the popular tricks are the vanishing small silk, salt, or a cigarette, the classic bill switch, and bill in lemon. A lot of magic tricks are possible with this versatile prop.

This is one of the magic tricks a magician should know since it could show his or her skill on how well it could become so realistic and convincing.

You can find thumb tip on Amazon.

After Thoughts

Anything is possible in magic. If you can perfect these magic tricks then you’ll be ready for more wonderful and mind-boggling magic tricks!

You can learn more about how to do good magic tricks.

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