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Best Place to Buy Magic Tricks


When you’re buying tricks, it’s an investment for your passion for magic. Know what interest you the most in magic tricks and what you want to learn about.

You’re also opening the path to the secret of the magic trick that you would buy.

The final effect would matter most after you master each magic trick you have bought.

Remember, that along with the magic tricks in your line-up, the way you would present and execute it that would last a lasting impression the most.

As you become seasoned in magic and grow in maturity, you will likely develop your taste and expertise on the magic tricks that would match your style, personality, and your showmanship.

Here are some of the best places on where to buy magic tricks kit.


The number one selling platform, Amazon offers a lot of magic tricks. They have a variety of magic tricks for professional magicians, adults, and children.

You can browse their extensive selection of magic tricks that you could think of. Each magic trick is showcased and has a description, some have videos and reviews from people who had purchased them.
The reviews could help you in deciding which magic tricks you could buy plus the reviews include ratings for each magic trick which can make it more credible.

Here are three links from Amazon that you could check out:

Adult magic tricks
Children’s magic tricks
Magic Tricks

Penguin Magic Shop

One of the top-selling company that sells magic tricks online is Penguin Magic shop that’s based in Las Vegas, Nevada. They sell magic tricks, DVDs, videos, and performance supplies to magicians of all skill levels throughout the world.

They also provide a lot by producing instructional videos, and they test the available new products.

They help in fostering and in the development of people of all ages that are interested in magic. They are part of the respected community of magic that loves to share the magic with everyone.

Visit their website for all their wonderful offerings.


Another reliable online store for magic tricks is Hocus-Pocus. They first opened their physical store in Fresno, Ca. USA in 1976. Owned by Paul Gross.

Back in 1997, Paul and Betty, his wife opened their online store, Hocus Pocus Magic Shop to reach the larger magic aficionados worldwide.

Paul Gross is a magician who performs professionally for schools, clubs, events, and venues as well. His love for magic started when he was barely five years old and watched the very first episode of Magic Land of Allakazam on television.

This begun Paul’s lifelong connection with magic and he drew inspiration from the magic of Nani and Mark Wilson, the hosts of the tv show.

After that, his obsession with magic grew and it hasn’t stopped until this very day.

Visit their shop that has a variety of magic tricks and resources to offer.

After Thoughts

If you are passionate about something, you really put your heart and sometimes, money into it and that might speak well for magic tricks.

It’s a good investment that needs to be treasured since magic tricks are timeless.

Choose the magic tricks that you feel would make your collection more meaningful and your magic acts unforgettable.

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