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Simple Magic Tricks for Kids to Do at Home


Magic is one of the most entertaining things to do for kids. They get easily excited to watch all those magic tricks as also they wish to be able to perform them too.

Magic tricks could teach the kids a lot of wonderful things about illusions and sleight of hand skills which they can apply in other aspects of their lives.

Levitating Card

This is quite impressive but a simple card trick for kids.  You need to create a special trick card using plastic and super glue.

Your child would be able to make the card look like it has levitated off the palm into the air. It’s better done with a little distance from the audience.

Check out how it could be done very well.

The Floating Egg

This is another simple trick that you would need an egg, a half-filled glass of water, ½ cup salt teaspoon.

The first thing to do is to drop the egg into the glass of water and show your audience that it would sink into the bottom.  Ask the audience how could the egg float in the water? Then proceed to your trick.

Add the teaspoon of salt and dissolve it completely by stirring it. You just continue to do that until the egg float on top.

The secret of this trick is all about buoyancy. The egg sinks into the plain water because its overall density is higher than water. As you dissolve the salt in the water, its density would continue to increase. And therefore, at its tipping point, the water’s density is higher than the egg’s and it would make the egg float on top of the clear container.

Click on the tutorial video below.

Floating Needle Trick

Let’s move on to this next trick. It’s also an easy trick that would require a bowl or glass full of water, a needle, and some tissue paper.

You would ask someone from the audience to try to float the needle in the bowl of water, and as expected it would be a fail. You then need to take the tissue paper and cut out a rectangular piece that is a little longer than the length of the needle.

Let the tissue paper float into the bowl of water. It would get wet at once and you slowly lower the needle on top of the tissue paper. The buoyancy at this point is quite good to keep both the needle and paper afloat.

You could wait for the paper to fully absorb all the water and to sink on its own. You can speed up the trick by gently pushing the edges of the paper into the water and help it sink eventually.  The magic is the needle would remain floating.

This trick’s secret is the surface tension of water. When you allowed the water to form a film below the needle then it becomes strong enough to support its weight.

Take a look at how you could do it successfully in the link provided below.

After Thoughts

There are so many magic tricks to learn that it’s so overwhelming. There are easy ones, moderate in difficulty, and the more complex magic.

It’s better to start the kids with simple and easy magic tricks and once they’re good at it, they could proceed to the next level of magic.

Being good at magic tricks couldn’t be achieved overnight. It would take a lot of practice, diligence, and dedication.

For now, begin with the baby steps. A bigger shoe would be harder to fill yet. Just continue the journey in magic and in time, you’ll be great at it!

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