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How to Do Cool Magic Tricks at Home


Magic can be one of the most amazing things in life as it can transform something simple into something enchanting.  It could build up the excitement to greater levels.

There are cool magic tricks that could be done at home since it the best place to practice and master the art of magic.

There’s a mystery of secrecy in each magic trick that you should never reveal. Even if there are books and videos about magic tricks, you could do your take on it and to present it your way.

It would be enough to keep the mystery and surprise in your magic tricks. The home is also the most convenient place to do a lot of practice.  You need to practice and repeat each magic tricks until you get it.

Repetition would make your execution magical in the end.

It would always take a lot of practice to get the trick right and to make it good but it would be worth it for your end. You’ll be able to confidently present your magic tricks.

Many parents and kids love to perform magic tricks in their home as a form of entertainment and bonding. And they know that it’s in practice that they can pull off each trick flawlessly.

Here are some cool tricks that you could enjoy doing at home.

Jumping Clips trick

It would take a dollar bill and 2 paper clips to do this cool trick. All you need to do is to Fold your dollar into the shape of an "S" with three folds, putting a finger between each fold.

Simply place the paper clips onto the bill, with the first paper clip joining the first top two parts of the bill and the second paper clip thus joining the bottom two parts of the bill.

Then you gently need to pull the ends of the dollar bill and watch as the two paper clips would slide together, join, and fly off the bill. This magic trick is really easy, but you will need to practice it a bit to get the trick perfect and make it more solid.

Watch a video demonstration of this magic trick in the link below.

Getting ice-cold trick

The trick would show you turning water into ice! How can that be doable? You’re in for a surprise. Stuff a sponge into the bottom of a coffee mug and add some ice cubes. Then pour some water into the mug with a pitcher and tell your audience you can turn water into ice. The trick happens when you overturn the mug and the ice cubes would fall out.

It would look purely magic just don’t let them go near the mug! They’ll find out how you did it.

Watch the video below to help you do the trick awesomely without being caught.

Bending a straw

There’s a bit of preparation before this trick. You need a straw and a plastic bottle with its cap on. The secret of the trick is about the magic of electricity through friction.

Take the straw and get its paper wrapper. Rub the paper up and down the whole straw to make it static.

In front of your viewer put the straw on top of a bottle so it’s parallel to the table. The charge from the friction you just created will take its effect wherein with your hands up to the straw you can make it move and rotate to where you direct your hands to. With your right movements, it would look like it’s bending to your desired directions.

It’s a pretty neat trick if I may say so!

Click on the video to find out.

After Thoughts

Great magic takes years of practice and discipline. It’s the execution that makes these magic tricks epic, worth watching, and worth raving about.

They might look hard to do at times but they’re easier to do once you mastered them.

Cool magic tricks would never fail to dazzle and surprise everyone who simply loves magic!

You can find magic tricks kit on Amazon.

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