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How to Do Easy Magic Tricks for Kids


One of the best ways to entertain kids is to perform magic tricks for them. You can do easy magic tricks for kids to make them happy or to appease their boredom at times.

They would be surprised and be amazed by your skills magic tricks and they would eventually ask for more!

It’s time for some showtime and those magic words. It would be a fun way to keep the little ones on their toes and for their inquisitive minds to wonder.

But how could you do those easy magic tricks for kids as a parent?

Find easy magic tricks to do and have the discipline to practice it first until you get it correctly. You can’t bear failing these easy magic tricks for your kid. Don’t you?

You also need to learn how you can deliver these tricks convincingly even if your kids are easy to please. You wouldn’t want any loopholes in your presentation. You have to understand the mechanics of the magic trick.

Here are some easy magic tricks that you can try for kids. You can use everyday things for each trick.

Make Sprite change its colors trick

The things you’ll need for this trick is one liter of Sprite soda, some food colors, ice cubes, and around 3 cups.

The secret in this trick is hiding the food color under the ice cubes in the cups. When you pour the Sprite into the cups it would automatically change the color of the soda in the cup.

Very simple! You just need to set-up the materials before the trick.

Peel a pre-sliced banana trick

This is another easy trick and all you’ll need is a banana and a pin or a needle. You need to find the ridges or the lines of the banana. Then, poke into the banana along its line using a pin or needle. Move the pin you’re holding up and down and left and right motion.

Move it down to the ridge of the banana and do this again. Repeat this process throughout the entire length of the banana. When it’s time for you to peel the banana, the banana will appear pre-sliced with its skin intact.

You need to do this and prepare before you perform it. While you present the magic trick, be sure that the ridge of the banana where you poked the holes is not showing at all. This would make the trick more convincing.

Check the link below to see how it’s done correctly.

Stick a pencil through a bag of water without the water spilling trick

This is a very simple magic trick that is possible through science. For this magic trick, you will need the following materials like a plastic Ziploc bag, a sharp pencil, and water. First, you need to fill the plastic bag of water about three quarters (¾ ) and seal it very well. Then, you just push the pointy end of the pencil through the bag.

Do this using one hand while your other hand holds the plastic bag in a standing up position. The molecules of the bag would make sure that not even a drop of water would spill out of the plastic bag.

Watch this video and see that you could even use more pens for this trick.

After Thoughts

Magic tricks would always be engaging especially to kids. It would encourage kids to also learn some magic tricks that they could do one day.

These magic tricks would also help your child understand the concept of magic and to see is to believe.
It would also teach kids that everything is not it seems sometimes especially in those magic tricks!

You can find magic tricks kit for kids on Amazon.

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