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What is the best way to start learning magic tricks


A lot of people are drawn into magic because of their love of the unknown, the mysterious, and the illusions. It could also be a means of self-expression and the passion to perform for an audience to entertain through magic.

There might be different reasons for people but one thing is in the same plane, they all love magic.

But how can you effectively learn to do all the wonderful magic tricks? Numerous ways would kickstart your learning of magic.

What are the ways to learn magic?


Try checking magic books at the library or books online that would help you learn all about magic. It would be best to learn all the fundamentals of magic and books are one of the best source for information.

Books are still the best way to start learning magic and your local library probably has a variety of magic books that are perfect for any beginner magician. It would help you develop your unique style and have your interpretation of the magic tricks.

Start with the easy magic tricks that could use ordinary household items.

Research and Review

You could also research and read feedback on certain tricks, props, videos, and books that you could eventually purchase. Some tricks are better to be practiced and learned using a visual aid such as a video. There are a lot of videos available for you to learn from.

Visit a Magic Store

It would also be great to go to a magic store and get familiar with a variety of magic effects for different levels. Begin looking for reasonably priced magic tricks until you could build your repertoire as a budding magician.

Join Groups on Magic

Join groups of magicians wherein there could be a free-flowing exchange of tricks, methods, and secrets of magic. Some local magic stores offer a gathering where fellow magic lovers can interact and learn magic tricks from each other. There are also tutorials available.

Find your Niche

If you’re serious in pursuing magic then you have to develop your style and basic technique. You can begin with sleight of the hand tricks which can train you about cuts, shuffles, flourishes, controls, and forces.

Next is you should be flexible to try all kinds of magic tricks to have a feel to what would suit or match you the best. There are a variety of tricks for beginners such as from card tricks to coin tricks, magic with dollar bills, rubber band magic, mind-reading, mentalism, and much more.

Eventually, you’ll find your niche in magic. It would just come in naturally. You’ll have your supporting magic tricks and your main magic tricks that could be your expertise.

Watch DVD’s and Video tutorials

Watch as many videos about magic as you can. You could also build your DVD collection on magic. There are also a lot of downloads of magic trick that is available online. One of the best ways to start learning magic tricks is with a DVD or download that offers a wide variety of basic moves and beginner magic tricks.

YouTube magic tutorials are free and easily accessible. Choose tutorials that are done by magicians themselves because if it’s performed by ordinary people, their magic trick or sleight of hand they are teaching you might not be flawlessly done.

Their poor instructions can cause beginner magicians to learn bad habits and fundamentals that cannot contribute to further their growth. While YouTube is a good resource, try screening the magic tutorials that you would watch and learn from.

Seek the guidance of other magicians

Aside from joining a club, you could befriend a magician that could be your mentor. You could form good friendships with other magicians and invite them for a coffee or dinner to hang out a bit and talk and learn about magic.

Passionate magicians who re willing to help the neophytes would be more than willing to do so even for free!

Practice a lot!

You need the dedication to practice a lot and practice properly to learn your craft the best way. You could be another Shin Lim or David Copperfield if you put your heart into it and practice a great deal.

Find the best tricks you would want to be perfected first. Learning too many tricks at once might do more harm than good for you.

Be like an athlete practicing for the Olympics. A lot of dedication, discipline, practice, and patience is required.

Perform as much as you can

Spread your wings and perform as much as you can. Each performance would teach you to become better than ever.

Above all these, don’t forget to enjoy it and to have fun! Although practicing is very important, it’s your performance that would be the final gauge if you succeeded in delivering all your wonderful magic tricks.

Always put in mind that magic is to be able to entertain people. So, build yourself up little by little and learn some easy magic tricks and perform it first to all your friends and family. From there on, you’ll be amazed at how you could learn more about your magic where it could take you.

Enjoy your magical journey and many magical moments for you!

After Thoughts

One day every magician would look back to remember what it took for them to reach where they are right now.

Nobody said it was easy but everything is worth all the practice with the joy you could bring to people every time you perform your magic tricks.

You can find magic tricks kit on Amazon.

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