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What is the Newest Magic Set


The newest magic craze that started in 2018 until now is the use of the Rubik cube in magic tricks.

This cube first came out in the eighties and was back to being actively used again in 2003. Do you know that eleven years ago, there had been 350 million cubes that had been bought since it first came out?

It’s the world’s number one puzzle game and it’s the world’s bestselling toy ever!

Rubik's Cube magic has reigned over again in 2018 but this time in magic tricks and it continues to trend until this very day.

There are new tricks you can perform using the Rubik’s cube. It’s one of the most patronized magic tricks that no wonder these cubes are selling like hot cakes even if they come in different prices that range from reasonably priced to expensive depending on all the tricks in the set.

How is a Rubik’s Cube usually used in magic?

The classic Rubik’s Cube magic trick is to solve it instantly and as fast as possible like a blink of an eye or even faster!

The magician throws the randomly mixed toy into the air and by the time he catches it, it’s already solved.

What’s exciting, there are plenty of new tricks that you could do just using a Rubik’s cube!

Here are the five newest Rubik’s cube magic sets. They all have different and interesting tricks to offer.

DVD / Online tutorial
Age Recommendation
MTS RD Regular Cube by Henry Harrius - Trick
More than one
12 years old and above
Wow Cube by Tejinaya Magic – Trick
Very Expensive
It has a gimmick set
13 years and above
Cube 3 By Steven Brundage - Trick by Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.
Reasonably   priced
6 and more
12 years old and above
Taiwan Ben Numeric Cube Magic – Trick
Comes with a gimmick set
8 years old and up
Stage Magic Tricks Cube to Candy, Magic Props, Party Tricks
Reasonably   priced
Comes with a gimmick set
7 years old and up

MTS RD Regular Cube by Henry Harrius - Trick

MTS RD Regular Cube by Henry Harrius - Trick

This is one of the most sought cubes that’s used in magic from Henry Harrius. Its price point is cheap for being the first Rubik's Cube designed by magicians, especially for magicians. It’s recommended for ages 12 and above.

It’s something to rejoice for since it could be customized for your needs and it takes pride in these features such as silent movement, tightening or loosening for the feel you like, removable side panels, stickers that match the original shape and color of Rubik's plus it’s cheaper than a speed cube.

Other perks are, it doesn’t need to be oiled hence there’s no tendency of oil being in your hands, clothes, and in the cube itself. It’s ready to be used at once and you can have a lot of possibilities in your hands.


  • It’s a  good and solid cube
  • It’s easily available!
  • This cube looks the most like a standard Rubik that your audience is familiar with
  • Handles great and the centers can be popped out for magnets or card reveals
  • This is the best cube on the market
  • It doesn't make any noise and slides perfectly
  • The quality is great
  • One of the best cube for magicians
  • The cubes themselves are very fluid and nicely made
  • This cube is most suitable for magic and not for speed cubing


  • It might come out of the box a little stiffer than you'd like, but you can adjust and break them in pretty easily
Where to buy:

Wow Cube by Tejinaya Magic – Trick

Wow Cube by Tejinaya Magic - Trick

This was released in the last part of 2019 and it continues to hoard in sales even for its expensive tag price. It just equates that it’s a great and effective cube for tricks. It’s recommended for 13 years and above it’s awesome for a magic hobbyist or professional.

WOW has its cube magic and it’s collaboration with the cube to expand the newest magic prop. Be amazed by its wonder and visuals that made cube magic even more mysterious and exciting.

Mr. Masuda of ATTO joined forces with Syouma and named it the WOW cube. Take out the Rubik's Cube from the box and hand it over to a lucky audience and ask the participant to turn it as much as possible like to mix up the colors.

Then return the disjointed Rubik's Cube into the box. One side of the box is transparent and everyone can see the jumbled cube inside. When you shake the box slowly, the cube's colors change in front of everyone. Suddenly all the colors on one side become the same!

To make it more incredible, when the cube is removed from the box, the other faces are completely solved as well! It’s a big WOW! It’s strange and magical at the same time.

The magic set includes the WOW cube system, exclusive box, cube, and gimmick set.

There is an explanation online that would be provided too.


  • The packaging is elegant and the illusion itself is great for almost being self-working.
  • It’s nice!
  • You could apply to lots of cool new things in this trick
  • You could come up with many effects
  • You also have some work to do before you practice and it makes it more hands-on
  • There are transfer sheets that you can put the stickers on your cube. This will give it an even professional-looking cube instead of just putting them on individually
  • Overall, it’s a great illusion


  • It’s expensive and it would have been perfect if it’s priced cheaper
Where to buy:

Cube 3 By Steven Brundage - Trick by Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

Cube 3 By Steven Brundage - Trick by Murphy

Another popular magic cube set is by Steven Brundage. Cube 3 is suited for ages 12 and above. The Rubik’s cube as we all know that’s a lot of practice before one could figure it out. What more if it’s used in magic? Until one day, Steven Brundage shocked everyone when he used the hair-pulling feat cube into magical tricks.

Steven shocked the world when he used a Rubik's Cube to get out of a traffic ticket and the video flooded the social media feeds all over the world. He then used it to fool Penn & Teller, Steve Harvey, Good Morning America, NBC, ABC, and more!

You’ll learn all these in Cube 3. Steven would teach and share his Rubik's Cube routine to amaze the world. Included in this set is Steven Brundage's signature 3x3 speed cube and instructions with hours of magical tricks.

You’ll learn Imagination Solve which is a slow, multiphase morph of the mixed cube that seems to solve itself, Toss Up Solve that is a jolting solve that people never get tired of watching, Behind-the-Back Solve a trick the world went crazy for, Bag Solve is where a cube inside a paper bag that seems to solve itself, Instant Solve which is a boom and a fast and hyper-visual trick, Color Change solve is an act where the cube never moves, but still finds its way to a perfect solution, and a lot more.


  • This has the look and feel of legitimacy, because it is, indeed, legitimate
  • Excellent instruction
  • This is highly-recommendable if you want to learn a pretty cool set of tricks
  • The cube is great. Fast, low friction, and quiet.
  • The solving instructional video is very well done, easy to follow, and a lot of fun
  • Comes with a web link giving tutorials
  • Includes fantastic effects that are bound to dazzle anyone


  • The cube does glide wonderfully but it isn’t very silent
  • It would take some time practice to master the tricks
Where to buy:

Taiwan Ben Numeric Cube Magic – Trick

Taiwan Ben Numberic Cube Magic - Trick

Next on the list is Taiwan Ben Numeric Cube Magic. It’s a waterproof and scratch proof high-quality 5X5 cube. It comes in as a self-working cube that’s easy to learn. It offers a different set of tricks that some can be performed blindfolded. It’s also instantly repeatable with its different numbers.

You can perform tricks that are taught in detail in this set. It would give your audience a mental demonstration as the tricks unfold their eyes. The set includes the numeric cube, secret gimmicks, and an online tutorial video.

The Numeric Cube is thoroughly mixed and you can choose a spectator and ask to think and choose any number on any side of the cube and keep it to oneself. You then process solving an advanced 5x5 cube blindfolded. You would read the mind of your chosen spectator and you’ll finish solving the Rubik's cube and revealing your spectator's choice on point.


  • The effect is based on an easy system in which the magician has to remember and it’s ready to go once it’s mastered
  • The method is very easy and the concept is very much like the original card version
  • It’s the 3D Rubik's cube version of picking a card to guess
  • Taiwan Ben has a set of instructions on how to take the cube apart and assemble it back
  • The effect is easy and the spectators will think that the method involves some mathematics formula
  • Although it’s a simple effect, the workings behind it are pretty great


  • There are a few routines that are too similar to each other
Where to buy:

Stage Magic Tricks Cube to Candy, Magic Props, Party Tricks

Stage Magic Tricks Cube to Candy, Magic Props,Party Tricks

This is a fun magic set that contains cubes, small cubes, small dice, pads, gimmick but not the candies! It’s close-up magic that would give great entertainment. It has some exciting tricks like the cube to the candy trick.

The magician shows a cube and then, throws the cubes on the table that surprisingly changes to some candies. It is also possible directing the assembly of the cube at a time. There’s also the large cube to small cube trick that kids would also enjoy. These easy to do magic tricks could be done by a kid as young as seven years old.

This magic set is truly an amazing set that would enliven any performance and that would bring pure fun to the audiences as well. The tricks are lighthearted, funny, and kid-friendly.


  • Awesome fun tricks
  • It has nice items for kids and adults alike
  • The tricks are very easy to do
  • Reasonably priced
  • Entertaining
  • Tricks are light and funny


  • Some props might have no Instructions
Where to buy:

The all-time favorite magic set for magic card game lovers since 1993 is the Magic The Gathering magic cards. It also continually has the newest magic sets throughout the years.

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After Thoughts

The Rubik’s cube would now be a permanent magic trick that could still offer a lot of unlimited entertaining possibilities to the audience.

This Rubik's Cube effect is a great trick that would freak out your audience and at the same time makes them wonder. It's great fun to perform magic cubes tricks.

It’s a real mind-boggler and you could be as good as Steven Brundage, the professional magician who’s very famous for his Rubik’s cube magic tricks.

The wonderful tricks using the cube would astonish the audience since the classic Rubik’s Cube technique is already hard to perfect and adding it to a performance can offer a variety of spectacular unexplainable effects.

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