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Who sells Jenga?


Jenga building game is an ultimate game challenge of physical and mental skill created by invented and created by Leslie Scott, and currently marketed by Hasbro. It’s a simple but fun game where players take turns removing one block at a time from a tower constructed of 54 blocks. Jenga rules that it is in the top row in which each block needs to be placed.

It’s almost 40 decades since it was invented yey Jenga remains to be one of the most sought after and played games until today. Jenga is an iconic game that sold about 50 million units sold worldwide. Jenga players have to concentrate, focus on their next move, and must have their Jenga strategy.

The total Jenga number of pieces of 54-block‘s mechanics is not a complex one. It’s to remove and replace blocks until the tower collapses.

It has its challenge for its player to think and to outwit one’s opponent. The more the tower becomes taller, the more unstable it becomes and this makes the game more thrilling that would make you seat on the edge of your chair or to make you nervous not to cause the tower to collapse.

It’s a worldwide hit because as Leslie Scott said: people like simple solutions.

Jenga tower game had come a long way since Scott introduced it at a time the toy industry was dominated by large toy corporations. The beginnings of Jenga could be compared to a wobbly tower that’s uncertainty and pure luck is always needed along with skills to win.

Gone are those days because Jenga proved worthy of the people's patronage of it. What people liked about it was there were only two rules: that you use only one hand, and that you put the blocks on top.

Jenga is now being sold to over 90 countries around the world. It’s available to almost all physical stores as well as the leading online selling sites available now.

Jenga is very easy to avail and from the classic Jenga, it had expanded to more variations possible that are also as much fun as the first one.

The Jenga original game comes with a Jenga box and a cardboard box to serve as the Jenga stacking sleeve.

Jenga's original woodblock game remains to be the number one and bestselling stacking game of all time.

So, who sells Jenga? Almost all stores sell Jenga and it’s just a matter of getting the best and cheapest deal possible for reliable stores whether you buy the Jenga blocks game online or in-store. The top three places that sell Jenga comprise our list.

Where can you buy Jenga?

Order Jenga online in these established and reliable selling platforms


Being the number one selling platform and retailer in the world, Amazon has the widest range of all Jengas available in the market. From the classic Jenga down to its latest variation. They have an extensive listing of all the best Jenga games that would help you decide which one you should buy.

The widest range of Jenga games can be bought for more ways to have fun in the game.

Amazon also provides Jenga reviews from their verified buyers that could be influential in your final purchase.


Everything is within your reach at Walmart whether you shop in their stores or online.

They also have more than a hundred of Jenga games in their listing.

All their stores can also match their online prices at the register, as long as it's sold from Walmart. Walmart.com needs to compete with Amazon, so their prices may be lower than their in-store prices.


Target is one of the popular stores that also have their online selling site. The cheapest prices are always between Amazon and Walmart but Target is not far behind.

They have lesser listings sometimes, but they also have almost everything in their store!

What stores sell Jenga?

Do your Jenga shopping online and to the nearest store that has Jenga for sale.

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After Thoughts

Jenga would always have a niche in the toy industry. It’s this super exciting successful game for family and friends, young and old alike.

Jenga is here to stay because it’s a great game that always brings friends and family together that gives so much joy to everyone.

It lasted for more than 40 years for the simple reason that it lives to be the ultimate challenge game!

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