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What Does Jenga Teach?


Jenga for kids is good for learning and the family size Jenga is great for social group games for adults. 

It’s not only awesome social skill games but there are a lot of variations and games to play with Jenga blocks.

Jenga is a simple yet so beneficial building tower game that is relatable to one’s life. The answer to what Jenga teaches us is quite a lot mentally, physically, and psychologically, and life as it is in general.

Let’s tackle each learning that Jenga imparts in us to live a more fruitful life.

Be a Jenga master using your strategy in all the levels and different types of Jenga games possible!

Learnings mentally

First are the learnings that connected to our growth as an individual mentally.

Jenga teaches us to be focused and to concentrate. It’s a good training ground to be keener on details and to be observant.

It also improves our way to analyze things and situations that make us study on our moves more carefully.  It teaches us to decide in uncertain situations which is valuable in life because life could be unpredictable. As they say, in this game, you either win or you learn, you don’t lose.

It instills values such as patience and perseverance. You could cope better in life even if you lose because you know just like Jenga, we are always given chances to bounce back in life.

The game teaches us to be ready and accepting of any outcome hence we can plan and learn to have back-up plans too.

It emphasizes your problem-solving skills to the hilt with an instant response to your opponent’s move. Jenga with numbers are used as math review games for high school students while some teachers use it as math games for 4th graders in class. That’s how extensively Jenga is used for mental development.

It’s a game that helps us think logically and sensibly and build up our memory and information retention. Your mental flexibility is enhanced too.

Learnings physically

Then there are the physical learnings in Jenga.

In this game, we learn to use our movements wisely by using our wrists, hands, forearms, and fingers correctly. You can become more coordinated with the way you move and that trains your fine motor skills and your dexterity.

It’s a great way to learn how to be more precise in your actions and movements as well.

Jenga uses sensory play that includes sight, sound, and touch. By this, you become more aware and sensitive on how you could use them in the game properly.

Learnings psychologically

Psychologically, Jenga could teach you to be competitive but in a friendly and cooperative way. It teaches you to follow and abide by the rules to play it.

It helps you interact with people and to trust yourself better. You might lose in a game but it teaches you to be optimistic and hopeful because you can start to build again and have a chance to win. You could enjoy 3 player games at home with Jenga. It could be played with more people though.

Jenga could show you that life could be like the tower that there could be challenges, obstacles, or even falling but it’s how you play and solve those hindrances would make you the bigger person that is capable of triumph.

Lastly, Jenga has games to work on social skills.

What other life lessons could you learn from Jenga?

Jenga could teach almost everything from balance, gravity, math, science, social interaction, and communication skills.

With building, it teaches about Engineering too when it comes to about loads, foundations, tension and compression, and rotational force.

There are other important lessons that Jenga could teach us tremendously.

The way we see things is not the same as others see it. We all have our different perspectives in life and we should respect that.

There is no wrong move in Jenga but it would make you safer if you pay attention more.

You would always commit a mistake but we should always focus on the learnings because it would help you more in life.

We need to learn to get along with others even if we are not the same. There is more to be accomplished if there are camaraderie and cooperation.

And lastly, we need to learn how to chill and have fun. Everybody has their tower in life and we’re all the same. But life is meant to be lived and not to be stressed of.

Cool things to build with Jenga tower:

There are a lot of Jenga block ideas that would let you do different ways to stack Jenga with creating awesome designs. The blocks in Jenga used are just one set and these wonderful structures were built with it.

Here are some of the cool structures built with Jenga:

Eiffel Tower, Colosseum, CN Tower Notre Dame Cathedral, Aztec Temple, Greek Parthenon, Arc de Triomphe, Empire State Building, Great Wall of China, Igloo, and Leaning Tower of Pisa.

To add more, there’s Rome Pantheon, St. Louis Arch (Squished),  U.S. Pentagon, Seattle Space Needle, Mormon Tabernacle, pre-deconstruction of the Stonehenge, the White House, and Tree of Life.

The Jenga wood type is such a sturdy delight to use even in other structures that can boost one’s creativity.

After Thoughts

Who could ever imagine that Jenga’s simplicity could result in a lot of fun, learnings, and benefits!

Most of the time, it’s the simple things in life that make us truly happy!

Have a Jenga day!

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