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Why is Jenga good and fun to play?


Jenga is one of the most popular and favorite game in the world that was launched in 1983. It’s been more than 40 years now and Jenga hasn’t lost its sparkle and place in the toy industry.

Is Jenga fun?

The magic and appeal of Jenga lie in its simplicity that gives a lot of fun and at the same time, it requires skills, intelligence, and good decision making.

Jenga is a Swahili word meaning, to build.

This game involves 54 wooden blocks, each piece is three times longer than its width. To start the game, the blocks are set-up into a tower. The object of the game is for players to remove a block from the tower and then placing it at the top level without causing the tower to collapse.

It’s that simple until as the game progresses on, it gets very, very hard. That’s the most tricky part of Jenga.

Jenga’s great that it could be played by players of any age and even if the recommended age is 8 years and above usually the youngest players can be younger than that.

The list could be endless and could go on.

Why then is Jenga good and fun to play?

Jenga is a great game for building decision-making skills and improving hand-to-eye coordination. This game aims to teach kids the importance of being patient, how to be a good ally under pressure, and how one needs to contain their excitement when the tower’s stability is being threatened.

Jenga is fun because you could be fearless, daring, and a risk-taker. You get more comfortable removing blocks even as the tower would start to wiggle. Playing Jenga could make you more attentive to details.

You could make wrong moves in Jenga but in every mistake, you are developing your capacity to learn from it and you can use it next time to your advantage.

There’s no denying that a Jenga game could a melting pot of people with a different approach to the game, different attack and moves to the game, and have different styles of playing that make it more fun and meaningful.

Jenga is the only competitive game and yet its players cooperate and work together to avoid the tower to collapse. It’s a good mix of play and fun and it does good for any person.

Here are the wonderful things that Jenga can give and do to you.

  • Building a tower-like Jenga would help improve fine motor skills. It is good for young children as it’ll increase fine motor skills significantly.
  • Jenga is the ultimate dexterity game since it requires a steady hand to shift, tap, remove, and replace wooden blocks in the tower to maintain its structural integrity. Jenga is great for adults as well who would want to improve their manual dexterity.
  • Jenga develops coordination in players when they take their turns in removing and replacing the wooden blocks from a tower. Playing Jenga with young children will not only help develop their hand-eye coordination but will also fine-tune yours too.
  • It is a great game for problem-solving, developing, and improving critical thinking. Each player studies each of their moves without making the tower fall. These are important skills for children to develop and adults to improve on.
  • Jenga improves strategic thinking which is an essential factor to succeed in life for teenagers and adults.
  • One’s cognitive functions are also emphasized such as memory and information retention.
  • What’s another good thing about Jenga is that it teaches patience without feeling anxious and stress and to overcome each wait.
  • This game activity could lower blood pressure and reduces stress through laughter and fun. Jenga can be so entertaining and truly a stress-relieving game.
  • With this game, it serves as a breaker from gadgets, tablets, phones, and television. It’s a way to connect to other people and great social play.
  • Jenga is great for families to bond and have great times together. It’s one immeasurable quality of Jenga.
  • It likewise teaches one to be precise and calculated in their moves that could help and transcend in their daily lives when they need to decide on something.
  • Non-verbal reasoning is the ability to understand and analyze information using visual cues and this is used when playing Jenga. Concentration is needed to be able to successfully make the moves in Jenga.
  • Responsive learning is the integration of academic and social skills that helps creates the best environment for learning. Jenga offers this kind of learning at play.
  • Jenga uses sensory play such as sight, sound, and touch. This is especially beneficial to children as it builds nerve connections between the brain’s neural pathways, developing and enhancing all forms of cognitive growth including motor skills, problem-solving, and memory functioning.
  • The game of Jenga opens everybody's eyes to structural engineering. You could get a glimpse of how to successfully build loads and maintain foundational stability. It also shows the fundamental principles of tension and compression as well as rotational motion.
  • Playing Jenga is a great way to pass time anywhere and anytime. You just need the 54 wooden blocks to play this wonderful game.
  • One cannot deny that Jenga is a game for everyone! People of all ages can play. It is a game that’s universal and breaks cultural barriers.
  • The game of Jenga utilizes skills in math, science, social studies, language arts, health, and physical education.

All of these show why Jenga is great and fun to play. It provides a multitude of benefits, enrichment, and development to a person aside from it being very entertaining!

Jenga is just super fun that is more than enough reason to play it with family and friends.

After Thoughts

Jenga deserves all its accolades and acknowledgment it gets. It’s more than just a fun game that gives physical, mental, and psychological benefits.

It is a game for everyone around the world. A game that’s enjoyable for the young and old.

Grab your Jenga now and don’t waste time to experience first-hand how good and fun Jenga is truly is!

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