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Who created Kinetic Sand?


Kinetic sand is a breakthrough in toys that looks like your regular sand but the polymer layer makes it unique and different. The polymer coating that gives the Kinetic Sand these unique properties is polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) or more known as silicone oil. The PDMS coating makes the Kinetic Sand behave more like wet sand.

Kids and adults could sculpt and build with it. What’s impressive is PDMS is also used in water repellants, lubricating oils, cosmetics, and even anti-gas drops for babies.  It’s also used in your chicken nuggets from Mcdonald’s and Wendy’s and its French fries!

Who invented and who created kinetic sand?

Denmark may have been known and associated with Lego, but a nearby country is also created something children can use to build things: Sand.

But it’s not just your ordinary sand, of course. A company called Delta of Sweden, which manufactures modeling compounds for use in the educational, medical, therapeutic, and arts and crafts markets has invented and created Deltasand. The stuff has been licensed by several toymakers, most notably Colorado-based WABA Fun and Canadian toy giant, Spin Master.

DeltaSand, also marketed as Kinetic Sand, claims to be a three-dimensional building toy that holds its shape just as easily as it tumbles through a child’s fingers.

You could sculpt intricate designs by cutting through it, squeezing it, and spreading it. The company says it achieves this double-act using 98 percent sand and their patented technology hidden within the binder.

It all started when Swedish engineers Jonas Modell and Staffan Thuresson met during the zeroing at Halmstad University in the fall of 1991. They were bent on producing and developing products.

Just as fate would smile at them, after three years they were in their first collaboration that was possible because they were in the right place at the right time. You guess it right, their first venture was developing sand with different binders to make it stick together.

They tried and tried until they got the right and created something using materials that resulted in the same moldable properties of wet sand! It could hold together, movable, and it doesn’t dry out r degrade at all.

This was how kinetic sand was created and born. Equipped with a product they believed in they were ready to take center stage.

Jonas and Staffan were in charge of the production and Betapedagog for the sale. The consulting business was laid on ice. They had found their product idea.

Soon thereafter they had the opportunity to exhibit at the world's largest toy fair.

Their product now was turned into purchase orders and soon exports took off: first to Europe, then to North America and Asia. After having signed agreements with distributors in several countries, they built up production on their home turf. Now they were serious.

After their tenth year and with a steady sale of SEK 4-5 million per year, Delta of Sweden knew they are headed for a brighter future. They had to re-strategize. In 2005, they decided instead of selling under their own name they chose to become a subcontractor to various licensees. The largest was the Canadian giant Spin Master Ltd.

Another breakpoint was in 2010 when Staffan's brother Krister came as a new co-owner. The trio embarked on full blast in terms of new hires and full speed in production.

Their products meet strict safety requirements and are completely non-toxic. Security legislation, primarily in the EU and the US, is constantly being tightened and Delta is working actively to stay one step ahead and meet all regulatory requirements well in advance before new proposals become law.

They continue to plan to broaden the customer base by developing an industrial segment. The company thrives to greater potentials as it is now reached to more than 50 countries worldwide.

The trio never rested on their laurels. It’s a continuing saga for them and what a successful journey it was and will be for a long time.

After Thoughts

The creation of kinetic sand is such a wonderful inspiration that begun in 1991 and that continues to develop and innovate more products for children all over the world to enjoy.

What started as a dream for Jonas Modell and Staffan Thuresson is now a beautiful reality that benefits people of all ages.

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