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What happens when Kinetic Sand gets Wet?


Kinetic sand is a kind of moldable sand that is 2% polymer and 98% sand in content.  This mixture makes it extremely easy and fun to shape and mold it.

It is non-toxic, mess-free, and easy to clean up too. No wonder the kids and even adults could be happily contented for several hours. You can’t stop as soon as you start and the only hard part of kinetic sand is to put it down.

It is available in a wide variety of vibrant colors, and you can create a lot of shapes and sculptures with this amazing sand.

Why is kinetic sand so relaxing?

Kinetic sand is so silky, velvety, and soft that it just flows through your hands. Yes, it’s kinetic and it can move and it flows. It is like sand in motion. It is like wet sand that has a property to stick to itself only.

You’ll never get worried of anyone creating a mess or it sticking to your clothes and you either. Or even to any other surface that it touches.

It’s relaxing and calming when you mold it to different shapes or when one squeezes it. It’s a lot of fun!

What are the properties of kinetic sand?

Kinetic sand is cooler than any other sand that includes beach sand. But it looks like wet sand that can be molded, shaped, and squished.

It is very much different than other molding sand or clay because it does not leave any odor or color on your hands. It also serves as a great tool for sensory therapy as well. It is casein, gluten-free, wheat-free, and non-toxic too that makes it 100% safe for all people including those with allergies.

Unlike other molding clay-like play-doh, it never dries out and remains in its original state even if you keep it on your shelf for a year. One more great thing about it is that if it falls on your clothes, it will not leave any stains.

What happens when Kinetic Sand gets Wet?

There are some precautionary measures needed in playing with kinetic sand.

Although kinetic sand is designed to stick to itself only and does not create a mess all around, it should be avoided in dropping it on the carpet or putting it into tiny cracks. It would not stick there and picking it up will become much tiresome than normal.

Also, avoid getting it wet. Make sure that your hands are completely dry and not sweaty at all while playing with kinetic sand. Otherwise, it may stick to your hands, though it would be easy to scrape it off or to rub it off once your hands get dry.

If kinetic sand gets wet, it tends to stick to other surfaces. If yours has become wet, just spread it out evenly on a surface, and let it air dry naturally. It would completely dry within a few hours, and return to its original texture. It could be molded and reshaped once again!

After Thoughts

The moment kinetic sand gets wet, there’s no need to panic and be worried. It would be good as new after you just need to simply spread it out on a flat surface to dry.

Your kid could stat creating impressive structures and things again and again. This makes kinetic sand amazingly magical and astonishing. It could be rejuvenated, rehabilitated, and brought back to its original state unlimitedly.

Kids and adults are very lucky to have this innovative toy that’s within everybody’s reach.

Once you experience its wonder you wouldn’t want to put it down at all!

You can find kinetic sand for sale on Amazon.

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