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DIY marble run


Aside from a wooden marble building set or a wooden marble race track there are other materials used for DIY marble runs.

You could use items in your home for your homemade marble run. It could resemble any wooden marble run tower or the classic wooden marble run but using any materials aside from wood.

  • Tissue paper tubes, paper tubes, egg cartons, and yogurt containers
  • Painter’s tape
  • Marbles or large beads
  • Scissors
  • Duct tape (optional)

Study and seize up your available materials. Place your materials available on the floor near a clean wall. Examine which ones would make a good section for your marble run. Cut any materials as needed, so they can be taped to the wall or you could use a box tray to let it stand there.

Start with one section. Tear off long strips of painter’s tape and stick it to the wall before you start. Begin by taping one item from your bin to the wall. Build up and down from it.

Test each part. Be sure that each section that you add would let a marble run through it!

Keep adding more sections. Add sections until you run out of room or materials. The more legs or track of the marble run would be better!

Finalize the design by testing and making adjustments if needed. Building a marble run is a great lesson in design, logic, and structure. Make sure the track is impassable by the marbles.

Test run your design. Observe if your 3-year-old kid couldn’t resist testing out the marble run!

If yes, then you could build the best quality marble run for your kid and give the best gift for 3 year old girl and boy out of your ingenuity.

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