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Digital versus analog slot car sets


Carrera and Scalextric are the top two brands in which both offer analog and digital formats. 

With an analog set or your race track set that has been around for a long time, you could only race as many cars as you have lanes. Your controller would adjust to the current sent to the track lane that makes it possible to speed up or to slow down the car in that particular lane.

While with a digital setup, the controller is programmed to control the car itself.  Digital sets have crossover sections that allow you to switch from lane to lane for passing, blocking, and overtaking. These tracks could also support more cars so that three or four could go up to six people that could race at the same time. Also, if you are looking for a 4 lane slot car racing sets then you have to go digital.

How to choose the best slot car set

Younger kids that are 6 and below could play or race using the traditional race track set, In slot car track racing, it’s ideal for kids eight and up. 

A slot car track needs more practice since it has more wild and sharp turns and has the tendency to go off-track. And that’s the thrilling part!  A child younger than 8 could still lack the dexterity and coordination to be able to handle this and to adjust to the speed to stay on track, and might not be patient enough to practice more.

Next, you need to know where you’ll put the track. It has to have a designated place of its own even if it’s flexible and durable. It could be bumped into or stepped on if place in the middle of your house.

You need to make sure how often would it be used. Somehow it’s not a good idea to frequently assemble and disassemble the track. Doing this often would cause the parts to wear and loosen, might snap the connectors or too much effort would be involved in doing so.

Your best option, therefore, is to set up the track in a place where it can be left out, ideally on a table or platform of some sort. Take it apart only when you want to add to or update or modify its layout.

Compatibility - Choose a set that would be compatible with other sets so it would be easier to expand the set and make it even more fun.

Warranty - Check the warranty it covers and offers.

Accessories Set -  Havekeen eye on all the accessories included in the set. More accessories would be better. 

Track Style - Choose the best track style suited for your kid. 

Size - For a beginner choose a smaller scaled track to practice and just expand later.

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