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Best slot cars for beginners


The slot cars are powered by a small electric motor to be able to run on a track that has a thin groove as each lane has a groove. The cars each have a small blade that fits into the groove on the track. With the blade fitted into the groove, a small amount of electricity would be gathered and this is where the powers the vehicles come from to be able to move around the track.

Slot car race sets for beginners

There are 2 types of controllers that are used these are analog and electric. The electric controllers are most recommended for beginners since it has an added control ability to use with a variety of cars. Analog controllers work slightly differently to be able to deliver the needed amount of voltage to the slot car.

As a beginner, you should look for a 1:32 slot car set before you try a large scale slot car sets.

In the set, you should get a car/s, the track, controller, and power supply. You could add more tracks eventually to build up and expand the size and shape of your set.

After taking in all the information so far about how the cars work, the scales, the tracks it’s probably going to seem quite daunting.

For a beginner, very simple tracks on a 1:32 scale would be best.

Scalextric 1:32 Scale Mini Challenge Race Set C1355

Scalextric 1:32 Scale Mini Challenge Race Set by Scalextric

This mini-challenge set comes with a pair of Mini Coopers go head-to-head in this Team Scalextric Mini Challenge Set. A lap counter is included to add an extra dimension to racing as well as two-speed settings.


  • Scalextric Mini Challenge2 x 1:32 Mini-Slot Cars
  • Two-speed settings and Lap Counter
  • Digital Plug Magnatraction System Ready
  • Create 4 different track layouts
  • Track total length 484cm this would require 191cm x 132cm space
  • A great beginner’s set that is the perfect beginner’s slot car system receiving many positive reviews from around the world.


  • Great toy for younger children as you can ramp down the speed on the controller preventing the cars flying off the track 
  • Great value and quality set. 
  • Could be assembled and racing within 20 minutes
  • The lap counter is a good addition and keeps interested in using for smaller children.
  • Kids would love the controls which are adjustable for speed to help younger children.
  • The supplied cars are really fast
  • Great for 6  years old


  • Some find the cars inferior in quality

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