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Kiddie pool games


Kids would be bored by just swimming and there are other ways to keep them interested in the water especially for babies from 0-3 years of age. An added entertainment factor would be great in forms of games and water plays.

Here are some kiddie pool games for the younger ones.

Ball Swim

Toss a good number of those cute and colored play balls to the pool and let them be amused throwing them around, splashing through them, and kicking them.  Then it’s time to ask each ball through its colors and see how fast your child could get all of the balls back in the pool or basket. In the winter you can fill the dry kiddie pool with balls too for even more fun.

Obstacle Course

Set up an easy obstacle course around your backyard using objects you already have and let your two or three years old go through them since it’s a great opportunity to teach spatial relationships and directions. 

Slide Time

Set up a plastic slide going into your kiddie pool, and let your kid have tons of fun down the slide. Splashes here and there would be very enjoyable and exciting

Gone Fishing

Set up a fishing activity right in your kiddie pool. There are fishing toys available that are simply adorable. 

Buckets O’ Fun

You could grab a few buckets and cups and let your child go crazy pouring water from one to the other. They would love doing this instantly and be amazingly entertained with all the pouring from the cup to the bucket. Sounds simple and yet it’s an avenue of learning at the same time

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