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Fun above the ground pool games


Above the ground kiddie pools and pools for adults offer a lot of more exciting ways than by just swimming. Older kids and adults would enjoy a lot of exciting games since an above the ground pool could be bigger and deeper.

Water Basketball

Have one hoop on both ends of the pool and play a game of basketball. To make it more thrilling have a 5-second rule that means no player could have the ball for more than 5 second

Marco Polo

This is a classic game pool that never fades. Have the children choose the one to be it.

The "it" closes his eyes and tries to tag the other swimmers.  "It" calls out "Marco" and the other swimmers must say "Polo".  If "it" tags another player, then that player becomes "it".  If a player gets out of the water, "it" can say, "Fish out of the water!" If the player cannot get back into the pool before "it" finishes saying that line, then the fish out of water becomes "it".

Who stays under the water longer

This a simple game wherein all the participants need to put their heads under the water. The one who can stay longer under the water and hold his breath wins!

Catch Me If You Can

Tell the players to line-up in a single file. An adult stands poolside or also in the water and throws a ball up so that the players jump and catch it.

Water Sprayer game

Each player is equipped with a water sprayer toy and each person needs to spray each other in the water. Whoever sprayed the most that hit his opponent wins.

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