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Unique Gifts for 3-year-old


The age of three is a critical year for children. This age is the year when children are more curious and are starting to build their interests in many things. Some may find it hard to search for unique gifts for 3-year-old kids, which is understandable, but it is actually not that hard. It is all about understanding what these kids are interested in or something that will spark interest in them. If you still can’t decide, here are some tips to make gift giving for 3-year-old kids easier and fun.

Know Their Interests

Kids at this age may seem like they have their own world and may be interested in so many things. This age is when kids ask a lot of questions and would like to try new things. Are they into physical activities, indoor games, role-playing, or arts? Although sometimes they might show interest in all these kinds of play, there is surely at least one or two that they enjoy most, and this will help parents decide which toy to buy.

Age Appropriate

Not because they go crazy over rattles when they were babies, you should continue to buy these types of toys. As kids grow, their likes and dislikes change as well. When buying gifts for 3-year-old kids, make sure they are age-appropriate. Most manufacturers include the recommended age on their toys, so be sure to check on that first. However, not all kids are the same, and some may be a little late or advance on some skills. You know your kid better, so it is best also to check if the kid is ready or is too advanced to play a certain game or activity. 

Toys that Encourage Interactive Play

Most 3-year-old kids are ready to interact with other children and make new friends. Games that foster interactive play are great gift ideas for kids this age. It is also helpful if they can play with their parents or siblings. It will help children understand and appreciate the importance of interacting with other people and children. The interaction will improve their social skills as they grow older.

Self-confidence Booster

It is best to start building self-confidence at a very young age. One way to do this is by letting kids do things on their own. Another way is by making them perform in front of family members and friends. This act will not only improve their self-confidence but will also teach kids the importance of doing things properly and giving their 100% best.

Below are some unique gifts for 3-year-old kids that will definitely be a hit.

recommended age
Babymoov Tipi In & Out
0 months to 12 years old
Victostar Marble Run Building Blocks Construction Toy Set
3 and up
Fun Little Toys Inflatable Sprinkler for Kids
2 to 12 years old

Babymoov Tipi In & Out

Babymoov Indoor & Outdoor Tipi | Teepee Tent for Kids with Play Mat, Carrying Bag & Pegs Included

Whether your kid is an outdoor or indoor kind of child, the Babymoov Tipi Jungle In & Out is a nice gift to give them. Kids can do a lot of fun activities with this Tipi tent anytime and anywhere. This Tipi tent can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors, where kids can create tons of adventure play.

Children’s imagination will run wild with the many possibilities and exciting adventure they can do with this. A great way to encourage a kid’s creativity is to practice interactive play, improve social skills, and learn more about their interests.

Another nice thing about this product is that it has a removable mattress that is double-sided. One side has a soft mattress to keep the little ones comfortable, while the other side is waterproof to protect it from getting damp when used outdoors. It also uses a special material that protects children from UV rays.


  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Easy to carry and set-up
  • Has two-sided soft mattress which is also waterproof
  • Protects children from UV rays
  • Has ventilation holes to keep kids cool even under the sun
  • Has a carry bag for easy storage and transport


  • A bit hard to put back in the bag

Where to buy:

Victostar Marble Run Building Blocks Construction Toy Set

Victostar Marble Run Building Blocks Construction Toys Set Puzzle Race Track for Kids 97 Pieces

A classic game that is not only enjoyable but at the same time educational. Both parents and kids would love to receive this kind of gift for their children. A great toy to play on their own or with other children that will keep kids busy for a long time.

There are different kinds of marble run to choose from, but make sure to buy the one appropriate for the kid’s age. Most marble runs are colorful and have different shapes so that kids can familiarize themselves with shapes and colors. Aside from color and shape recognition, it also develops cognitive and fine motor skills.


  • Educational
  • Made of non-toxic materials
  • Keeps children busy for hours
  • Easy to build
  • Fun and amusing
  • Promotes interactive play


  • Should be properly assembled or the balls will get stuck

Where to buy:

Fun Little Toys Inflatable Sprinkler for Kids

FUN LITTLE TOYS Inflatable Sprinkler for Kids, 66

Admit it; kids this age are all about trying out new things, and it might be hard to keep them indoors. Let them enjoy the outdoors with Fun Little Toys Inflatable Sprinkler for Kids. This splash mat will keep children entertained and happy for hours. Aside from enjoying the sprinkling waters, they get to be familiarized with the different animals designed on the mat.

The mat is big enough for two kids to share and play. It is made of heavy-duty non-toxic PVC material to ensure children’s safety. This gift is a good way for children to get some fresh air and sunshine that they definitely need, and do not forget to apply some sunscreen before they plunge into their mat.


  • Made of non-toxic materials
  • Durable
  • Wear and UV fade resistant
  • Easy to set-up, clean and store
  • Can accommodate two kids


  • A bit hard to make the water rise up

Where to buy:

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