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How to patch Intex pool inflatable ring


One of the bestselling brand of inflatable products is Intex. Most of their inflatable pool comes with a patch kit. You could get some in your local pool supply store if the one you purchased doesn't have one

Here are the steps you need to do to patch your Intex inflatable pool products:

Gather the necessary tools and materials - Get your patching kit and the fabric that you could use to fix holes and tears when they occur on your above ground pool. Get a pair of scissors too.

Inspect your Intex pool - Locate the parts of your pool or ring that would require patching. See if these holes could still be fixed using your patching kit or if they're too large already that you might need help from a pool professional.

Prepare to patch - Time to patch it buy cutting the patch in a circular shape with at least a one inch allowance for the tear or whole that needs to be repaired.

Put the patch on your pool - If you're putting a patch on an Intex pool with water or underwater, then you need to put a small amount of patching adhesive from your kit onto the backside of your patch, then you must fold it in half to spread the adhesive.

Wait for at least 10 minutes for it to be effected, then put it into the water while you keep the patch folded. When you're near the tear in your pool liner, open it, and place it over the hole. Make sure that you would press firmly make sure that the patch covers the hole or tear properly.

When you're patching the above the water line or a hole in your inflatable ring, you should squeeze a very small amount of adhesive to your patch and the surface you need to put it on, also wait at least 10 minutes, then start placing the patch, put pressure on the center and work your way toward the edges. Also, if you're going to patch the ring of your Intex pool, make sure it's inflated so you can properly cover all its holes.

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