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Best Science gifts for girls


Here are some of the best science gifts for girls.

MindWare Marble Run Sets (Sparkle Marble Run 103 Piece Set)

MindWare Marble Run Sets (Sparkle Marble Run 103 Piece Set)

Mindware marble run ideas are fantastic like this pink and with glitters sparkle run! These pieces could go together and pulled apart with ease. The Sparkle Run's pink glitter drop-throughs and spinners create hours of engineering fun with a girly touch.

It's the best science gifts for girls to exercise their hand-eye coordination and spatial skills while putting their creativity and imagination in action. This is a great way to introduce children to structural building, and trial and error.

It's a glamourous and glittery Marble Run track that twists, turns, races, and spins marbles at incredible speeds! There's a variety of assortment of pink and sparkly tube pieces that would let any girl build towering runs, jump slides with catchers, track splitters that send marbles down alternating paths, funnels, wheels, and rickety rails!

The set contains 103 durable pieces and 20 marbles for children 4 and up.


  • Great product and great birthday gifts for 8-year-old girls
  • Girls would love the pink and the sparkle, as well as the challenge of building and then the fun of watching the marbles travel through the run
  • Best marble games for girls and it promotes creativity and reasoning
  • The pieces are sturdy and fit together well
  • Comes up with different routes designs for those marbles to travel 
  • Entertaining for girls of all ages 


  • It's cute but might tend to fall apart far too easily to some. 

Where to buy:

Let your kids experience the best marble runs ever!

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