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How to build a stock tank swimming pool


There's a new craze now using a stock tank as swimming pools. There's an easy way on how to build a stock tank swimming pool. This kind of pool falls under steel pools.

How to make a swimming pool from a stock tank 

Are you familiar with a stock tank? If you grew up in the country, farm or ranch then you would know what it is because every farm has it. 

It's typically used to feed and give water to livestock, and now it's very popularly used as a DIY swimming pool. People in the city have used recently as a trendy swimming pool with pumps and injecting them with chlorine to have their backyard adorn with it.

Most tanks are about 2 feet deep, so they're great for floating and soaking off the summer heat. Some people even hook up their tanks to propane water heaters for year-round swimming, and build entire decks and raised benches around them.

The old stock tank pool used in older traditions has become hip trends today!

You could make your own and be a proud owner of a stock tank pool. You could set it up on the grass. You could use it unpainted with its natural look, or you could paint its exterior area. 

After this, set yours to your chosen spot in your garden. Next, drill two holes and connect the pump. You need to seal the holes with a waterproof sealer, and you could do two coatings just to be safe.

You are now ready to fill your pool slowly and to double-check if there are any leaks.

You now have a real pool that needs water treatment with chlorine tablets, filter, and a pump. 

It would keep the water fresh and clean all the time, and lastly, you can make a cover for it. You'll certainly be so happy with your new pool, and you get to enjoy it anytime!

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