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Can You Print on Crayola Color Wonder Paper



Crayola had made coloring and drawing mess-free with their Crayola Wonder Paper and Markers. Their Color Wonder Markers can only be used with their Color Wonder Paper. Parents can now rest easy that their walls, clothes and tables will not be stained, as the ink will not appear on any other surfaces aside from the Color Wonder paper.

Consumers can either choose to purchase a blank Color Wonder paper so kids can draw and write whatever they like or opt to buy Crayola’s coloring pages. The coloring pages are available in different designs or characters. Despicable Me, Finding Dory, Cars 3 and Frozen 2 are just some of the available coloring pages you can choose.

There a lot of other available designs, but there are still others who are hoping that the designs are not limited to animated characters. Since it seems like the Color Wonder paper only works by using a special ink, many are wondering if they can print on it. Some have actually tried it and was successful in printing their own designs on their color wonder paper.

Laser and inkjet printers work well in printing on color wonder papers. However, be sure to let the ink dry completely before coloring or stacking the pages together to avoid smearing the ink. Parents can now find other designs that their children would like to paint on. Another thing to remember when printing on Crayola Color Wonder is the size of the image. Resize the image if needed in order to fit in the color wonder paper. It is advisable to do a print test first before printing a number of designs to make sure it fits well on the paper. Now, your kids can color any designs or pictures they want without the mess.

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