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Crayola Color Wonder Paper DIY



One thing that makes moms crazy is when they see that their little ones had decided to make graffiti on the walls, carpets or even on their skin. It is hard to get mad at them, as it is one-way kids can learn how to recognize colors and develop their creative side. Crayola had probably seen a number of moms get frustrated with their children staining things at home. That is why they decided to come up with their Mess Free Color Wonder Markers and Paper. 

Crayola Color Wonder Marker is a specialized marker that only works in a special paper. The color wonder marker will not leave a mark on any other surfaces or on ordinary paper. The ink will only appear on Color Wonder Paper; however ordinary pens or markers can be used on Color Wonder Paper. These color wonder products from Crayola aim to let kids enjoy coloring and drawing without parents being surprised or worried that their whole house had turned into a giant coloring book. 

There are many things a child can do with their Color Wonder Paper. They can write on it, draw and stamp on it. Some mothers who are very creative and resourceful had also come up with their own Crayola Color Wonder Paper DYI. Instead of buying Crayola Color Wonder Coloring pages, they had decided to search for nice pictures online and print them out on the Color Wonder Paper, resulting to a DIY Color Wonder Coloring Pages. 

By simply finding pictures in the internet and printing them, anyone can turn their blank color wonder paper into coloring pages. Kids will not only be limited to Disney characters but to other designs or character as well. There are color wonder paper refill that can be bought from Amazon, Target and Walmart.

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