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Magic sand recipe


What comprises magic sand? And what's a magic sand recipe.

Magic sand recipe 

All you need to do is coat the sand with a waterproofing chemical. Just gather clean sand and a waterproofing spray like Scotchguard.

How to Make Magic Sand

Place the clean sand in a small pan or bowl. After that, spray the surface of the sand evenly with the waterproofing chemical. You would need to shake the container of sand to expose untreated surfaces. 

You don't have to sulk the sand in the chemical as you'll soon have enough once the sand changes from being dry to looking wet. Next, just allow all the sand to dry.

Super easy, and your kid could now pour the sand in the water, and it won't get wet.

How to make magic sand with oil

Magic Sand is a type of sand that doesn't get wet when placed in water. You can make your Aqua sand color magic sand with oil at home by following a few simple steps.

How to make magic sand at your home with oil is easy and you need the above materials and magic sand recipe and just add 1 cup of oil. You could use baby oil.

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Copyright © HappyGiftsForKids 2021. All Rights Reserved.
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