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Other games to play with Jenga blocks


The appeal of Jenga is its simplicity and flexibility. It's a tower of smooth, rectangular wooden blocks that's durable and long-lasting.

Try playing Giant Jenga

Why limit Jenga to the coffee table in your living room? Take those blocks outside, probably with some red cups and adult beverages, if we're being honest. Official Jenga comes in several large sizes, including a version that stacks more than 5 feet (1.5 meters) high and a cardboard version that can stack well over 8 feet (2.4 meters) high. You do-it-yourselfers who've watched every episode of every show on HGTV and find yourselves with some extra time can now even build your own giant Jenga game. All you need is a few two-by-fours, a saw, and some sandpaper.

There's the in-demand life-size Jenga that's usually played by adults during parties.

The life-size Jenga rules are as follow:

How many pieces in life-size Jenga?

You might ask but the giant Jenga also has 54 wooden blocks that are also rectangular and much bigger in dimension. It should be built first as a tower and the goal of the game is to take one piece at a time and putting each piece of a block on top without causing the tower to topple or collapse.

Any number of players could play the game of giant Jenga and you could also play it alone.

The giant Jenga as the same with the classic Jenga and should be built to 17 stories high. Each block should be stacked in threes and each alternate level is laid in crossways directions.

Once the tumble tower has been set-up and built, the player who built the tumble tower would have the first move.

A Jenga move is taking one block from any level of the Jenga tower and putting it on the incomplete top level of the tower that would make the tower much higher but more unstable.

Any Jenga block on any level can be used, except those from the level below the very top level which shouldn't be moved at all.

Each player should only use one hand at a time to remove or replace a Jenga block and it is not permitted to hold or steady the tower with the other hand. Both hands could be used but alternately only.

Jenga blocks may be tried to be removed or knocked to find a loose Jenga block that is safe to move without disturbing or toppling the tower.

The player's turn is over once the next person touches the tumble tower or after 10 seconds have elapsed or whichever comes first.

The game of giant Jenga ends once the tower falls or moves even if only one or two Jenga blocks would fall. The only moving Jenga block allowed in the game is the one that is being moved during a player's turn.

The loser is the player who would cause the tower to fall even if it may not be their fault. The moment that the giant Jenga tower falls during their turn, this player would be considered the loser. There's an exception if only one or two Jenga blocks fall, the players could agree to put them back into the tower for play to continue, in keeping with their camaraderie. 

The aim is of the giant Jenga tower is not only to avoid being the loser but also to build the tower as high as possible. The highest Jenga tower record is forty levels high. This is still the Jenga's world record.

You could play Jenga with a whip

There is a novelty way to play classic Jenga. Use a whip to make it more exciting! How?  Crack a whip in the direction of the block.  Remove the Jenga blocks by aiming your whips at the tower and taking the blocks out one at a time

Make Jenga uncomfortable or more educational

Jenga can become a game of truth-or-dare-or topple if you write dares on the sides. Know your players as others might be more playful and daring. It would depend on the ages of the players.

Adults could have more aggression on the dares while children could be better with safer and more educational dares ad questions.

Try playing Jenga backward or even blindfolded

This one for the true Jenga adventurers. Build the tower with the center blocks missing, so only two blocks per level. By using only one hand, insert the blocks into the tower. If you do it without toppling the tower, then play the regular way and remove the blocks from the very tippy tower. 

You could take it to another level by stacking three horizontal blocks and then five vertical blocks on their small ends. Then three more horizontal blocks. 

Make your own rules and create more variations in the moves. Try playing it blindfolded too and be guided by touch. 

There's another rave among adults. This is the drinking Jenga game. 

Drunken tower Jenga game rules

How does drinking Jenga works?  It also contains the pulling and placing the blocks on the topmost level but this time with a twist. Drunk Jenga would have each block with a theme written on it. Each player takes turns taking out a piece and doing what it says. If the tower falls, the player that caused it to fall downs their drink.

How Drunk Jenga Drinking is set-up?

First, write the rules on the Jenga blocks. Drunk Jenga is just like regular Jenga but with a catch. 

Set up Jenga blocks by putting down 3 blocks side-by-side, then by stacking 3 more blocks on top of that row but the opposite way. Continue this process until you've used up all your Jenga blocks and have created a tall Jenga tower.

There's a Drunk Jenga gameplay aside from the Jenga drinking game block rules.

The gameplay is simply playing Jenga as you always do. Take turns pulling out blocks, before putting the block back on top, the player must complete the task or rule that is written on the piece.

What happens a player knock the tower down during Drunk Jenga?

Every player should practice caution as if they topple the Jenga tower, they must finish their drink and set it up and play again and again.

What are the popular Jenga drinking game block rule ideas?

Jenga could be filled with endless rules and dares that you could choose from. Here are the most used plays in drunken Jenga.

Truths and a lie - The player who pulls the block must state two truths and one lie about himself or herself to his or her co-players. If the other players guess which statement he or she was lying about,  he or she must drink. Otherwise, they drink if they fail to guess.

Eyes - All people wearing glasses must drink.

Accent - If you pull this block with an accent needed, you must play the whole round speaking in an accent of your choice. If you fail to keep up with the accent, you need to drink. The round is over when you take your turn again.

Bartender - You must be the one to refill your co-player's drinks immediately.

Karaoke - Sing a song for the whole group or take a full drink.

King's Cup - Every player would pour a little of their drink into one cup and you must drink it bottoms up.

Leftie - If you pull out the block with a leftie written, you must play your next turn with your left hand.

Made You Blink - Have a staring contest with someone you'll choose and the loser drinks.

Old Man - The oldest player drinks.

Shot - The other players would make you a shot.It could be a good or nasty drink!

Strip - The person who pulled out this strip block must remove one item of his or her clothing and should keep it off for the entire game.

Tall Tale - Tallest player drinks.

The Real Slim Shady - You must play the rest of the Drunken Jenga game standing up.

These are some of the best drinking Jenga rules ever with adults.

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