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Best Gifts for Kids interested in Engineering


There's this impression that boys are more interested in Science. This may be an understatement since there are a lot of girls, young and older that love Science too!

Here is one of the best gifts for kids interested in engineering

YELLOW SCOPE - Foundation Chemistry Kit: Dozens of STEM Experiments That Take Girls Seriously

YELLOW SCOPE Foundation Chemistry Kit

This foundation chemistry set is a basic introduction to chemical engineering that has a 32-page lab notebook that would teach 8-12-year-olds about key scientific concepts such as chemical reactions, molecular motion, and the effect of temperature.

It's an award-winning kit that won the Parents' Choice Gold Award, a Dr. Toy Best Educational Toys Award, and was Finalist for Toy of the Year. It contains 19+ experiments with fun facts, quizzes, and lots of room for kids to doodle, design, and create their own experiments.

It's the real deal as it comes with real lab equipment, including 3 beakers, a high-temperature thermometer, a digital timer, colored safety goggles, a chalkboard lab mat, and loads of chemical reagents for hours and hours of experimental fun.


  • Best science kit
  • Real science projects for girls
  • The most popular gift you could purchase
  • Highly recommend for any girl interested in trying something she may not have before or if she's into science!
  • Super high-quality product and materials and definitely worth the extra money
  • The instructions are clear and easy to follow


  • It's overpriced for some

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