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Best Inflatable Water Rafts Toys


There are other saleable and popular inflatable water rafts toys and most of them were manufactured by Intex.

One great offering is this Intex comfy cool inflatable lounger.

Intex Rockin' Inflatable Lounge, 74" X 39"

Intex Rockin

One of the best inflatable pool rafts for adults is in the form of a lounger. Be ready for this ultimate relaxing experience in this Intex Rockin' Lounge.

Its contoured design would provide extra comfort as you float in the pool and just chill-out. It's equipped with a built-in cup holder that would let you make the most out of your relaxing moments by having your refreshment within your reach as you float.

You'll fall in love with this inflatable pool raft lounger that has two air chambers and a repair patch included in its package.


  • They are great because you can float in your clothes and never even get wet
  • They are so cute and comfortable 
  • These floats are the best
  • It is incredibly stable and you could dip your feet in the water, and you need not worry for the raft doesn't tip or allow water into it
  • Great design and quality
  • It is extra wide and you can lay on it 
  • It could still fit a soda in the hole with plenty of room to spare
  • The best inflatable pool raft


  • It's more ideal for a pool than a lake or any open body of water

Where to buy:

What is an inflatable floating island? These things are popularly used in the swimming pools or when a family takes a getaway to the beach. 

Inflatable floating islands could be used by adults with children. It comes in many variations, features, and designs to give more fun for a group of friends or the whole family.

It's great to bond, to relax, and just enjoy the sunny weather in the sun. An outing to the beach would be more enjoyable and a pool party would be unforgettable with it!

Intex island oasis inflatable floating pool

Intex Oasis Island

Another large inflatable lake rafts that also have large backrests and armrests for added comfort on every seat. It has a unique mesh lounging area for cooling feet.

It has a built-in 4 drink holders, a rope ladder for easy access, and an anchor bag.

It included Boston valves for rapid inflation and deflation. This Intex island oasis inflatable floating pool is a grand way to enjoy any day at the pool, lake, or beach!


  • Perfect for the lake
  • Nice design
  • It could fit 5 people easily and it’s one large inflatable swimming pool toys for everyone!
  • Best float ever
  • The Mesh liner in the middle is perfect for small children
  • This could hold up extremely well
  • it's very large


  • Others wished the seams and material used are better quality
  • It's currently sold out

Where to buy:

Intex Inflatable Key Largo Party Island Float with Built-in Coolers & Cupholders

Intex Inflatable Key Largo Party Island Float with Built-in Coolers & Cupholders

The Intex inflatable Key largo party island lake float is a great way to relax and hang out with friends at the pool or lake. It could fit and accommodate up to six people on board.

Ideally for the use of adults for their parties and celebrations. A good thing about it is, it inflates quickly and easily with the dual Boston valves.

Made with heavy-duty and puncture-resistant PVC that also provides comfort and durability.

One of the best inflatable pool and beach rafts floating island around!


  • Heavy-duty and  durable
  • It is built well and is big enough for a few adults to hang out on
  • Getting on and off was surprisingly smooth because of the little step area and handles
  • The water area in the middle is so nice since you could take turns cooling off in it
  • A huge hit as an inflatable lake raft


  • It's currently sold out
  • It is a large float so there's a need for a few extra hands to help carry it

Where to buy:

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