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Super Marble Roll Game


There's a new marble game that offers a super marble roll game that's glow in the dark.

National Geographic Glowing Marble Run

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Glowing Marble Run – 80 Piece Construction Set with 15 Glow in the Dark Glass Marbles, Mesh Storage Bag & Marble Pouch, Great Creative Stem Toy for Girls & Boys

This glowing marble run from the National Geographic has sturdy tight-fit pieces that are designed to fit together snuggly. Your marble maze won't fall apart while you play. Comes with 5 sturdy bases, 15 exciting action pieces, and 45 clear smooth-run track pieces, our kit has countless imaginative configurations.

This fantastic marble run kit includes 6 different colors of glow-in-the-dark glass marbles that shine bright as they zig-zag down the marble run. It has a UV light to quickly recharge the marbles.

You don't have to worry that the pieces would be all around the place since it includes a mesh bag and marble pouch that would make it easy to store your marble run pieces and glow-in-the-dark marbles in one organized place.


  • Fun and engaging toy
  • Kids would love the marbles that glow in the dark
  • It's made very well and it's sturdy
  • This one has more types of blocks, bases, and wheels.
  • The colors are very bright and see-through as compared to the primary-colored solid blocks
  • There are more bases and different types of bases that make it easier for the kids to build a sturdy maze


  • A better handbook would be nice but it's a fun set to enjoy
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