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Best Chemistry Sets for Teenagers


The next one is a very good choice for a chemistry set for teenagers. This chemistry board game would interest the teens, and it's also educational at the same time.

Best Chemistry sets for teenagers

Greater Than Games Compounded Board Game

Greater Than Games Compounded Board Game

This game with its name alone sounded like a good Chemistry game set. Compounded is a game about building chemical compounds through careful management of the elements, with its fair share of social play and trading, and just a dash of luck.

In a Compounded gameplay, players need to take on the roles of lab managers. Each player needs to be fast in completing the most compounds before they are completed by the other players or be destroyed in an explosion.

This game is recommended for ages 13-15 years old, and it could be played by 2-5 players. This awesome strategy game takes about 30 to 90 minutes of playing time.


  • This is a top-level game, and it helps with learning basic Chemistry
  • Learning this game is not very difficult
  • The quality of the packaging and board and pieces is excellent
  • Good game and worth the cost.
  • This is a beautifully constructed game
  • Great fun


  • Watching on Youtube on how-to-play it is much better than reading the instructions itself

Where to buy:

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