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Best Science Games for Kids


We all grew up experiencing playing a lot of games that involve science. Sometimes, unknowingly, we're not conscious that we learn while we play. Maybe, it's for the simple reason that in everything we do; there's science in it.

Best Science games for kids

Paper airplane flying contest

One of the favored activities in growing up kids is making paper airplanes. It's one of the classic childhood science-related games. These paper airplanes could teach about physics and aerodynamics.

It teaches kids about gravity, lift, thrust, and drag. One of the common game is for kids to complete on whose airplane could fly the farthest. They also learn to fold, design, and put flaps on their planes. 

Each kid is trying to figure out how to make his or her airplane fly the highest and the farthest. This is one of the best science games for kids ever!

Guess which is my rock

This game would teach about geology and earth science. The materials needed are just 12 pieces of different rocks that kids could find in the area. Lay all the rocks on the table after gathering them.

Ask each of the kids to silently choose their rocks. They would guess each one's chosen rock by asking questions using scientific and geological terms. The questions should only be answerable by yes or no like, Is your rock smooth? Is your rock longer than 3 inches? and so on. 

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