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Kinetic sand vs Moon sand


The most remarkable property of kinetic sand is the kinetic part, which makes the sand to be in constant movement. 

When you build a structure using kinetic art, it would tend to start falling apart in a few seconds which is an exciting thing to witness.

The Moon sand would stay the same way you have built it. 

About the texture, moon sand is a bit more rubberish as compared to kinetic sand.

Kinetic sand with Sand Soap Recipe

You could add play sand and cornstarch in a large bin or container and mix it well together. In a different container, combine 1 cup of water with 1 tsp of dish soap, and stir until the water is bubbly. Then, slowly add the water mixture to the sand and cornstarch.

Your kid could start playing with kinetic sand with a sand soap recipe.

SOAP+ SOAP DOUGH KIT - Make Play-Doh Soaps, Easy, Safe, Natural

SOAP+ SOAP DOUGH KIT - Make Play Doh Soaps, Easy, Safe, Natural

This soap and soap dough kit comes with 500gms high-quality soap dough powder, 1kg White Melt, and soap base, 2 Soap Dye Bricks, and high-quality fragrance oil.

The activity should begin by melting 500 grams of the soap base and add around 300 grams of the soap powder into it.  It needs to reach a kneadable consistency in the mixture.

Next, shave some from the soap brick, melt it, and add to your melted soap base. It could use some color of your picking by adding some food coloring plus a scent to enhance its smell.

You’re now ready to shape your soap into balls or any other shape imaginable.  Leave the finished product for a few days to achieve its right hardness.

This is a great activity you could do with your kid.


  • All natural
  • Great fun for parents and kids
  • No Heat required once the Melt and Pour Soap base is already melted
  • Amuse the kids for hours
  • Makes exquisite hand-rolled soap balls
  • Create shapes and patterns
  • Safe
  • Non-toxic
  • Food grade
  • This will make 14-40 soap bars and balls


  • No negative reviews so far
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