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Jenga Games for Adults


There are Jenga games for adults that are popular nowadays. They are geared towards adult entertainment in different gameplays.

Jenga could be used to make any party more fun, even for adults. There are Jenga games for adults that could have outrageous, crazy, and funny challenges and tasks written on the blocks. 

Adult Jenga game rules could be added and improvised to make it even more enjoyable but maintaining its one great rule. Whoever makes the tower to fall, lose!

Jenga Pass Challenge

Jenga Pass Challenge

The Jenga pass the challenge is a take-off from the classic Jenga but with a twist.  It has the off the table challenge wherein the players would remove a block while holding the platform handle.

Adults would have more fun as they need to stay steady and hand the tower off after each turn. This unique game features 10 fun challenges.

This is one Jenga game that only includes 27 hardwood Jenga blocks with resealable plastic storage bag, a passing platform, a stacking stand, and instructions.

  • This game is the next level for Jenga lovers
  • The added challenge of keeping the blocks from slipping off the board while you pass it to the next player is super fun
  • Portable party fun at a great price
  • Fun for the kids and the adults
  • It includes 10 challenges to make the game even more difficult and harder to put down
  • A great twist on Jenga
  • I just wish it came with a storage bag or case

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Jenga girl talk edition pink game


This Jenga girl talk pink edition is great for late-night bonding among girls that also has 54 precision-crafted solid wood blocks.

It's a thrilling game with questions girls and women would love! Gather your girlfriends and experience the twist on this classic wood block game.

It comes with a cool new look and a fun new element that when you pull out a block and you have to answer a question each turn!


  • Good material
  • Good game
  • Love the pink color
  • Super cute for a girls night
  • Doubles as a fantastic drinking game
  • Tons of fun, questions don't get old.
  • Fun for childish adults and kids!
  • The player that pulls the block has to write down the answer and everyone else has to guess. The right answer gains each player a point.


  • No negative reviews so far
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Black Light Tumble Tower - Games for Adults Party or Drinking Games Stacking Games

Black Light Tumble Tower -Glowing Blocks Tumble Tower Suitable for Day Or Night,Games for Adults Party or Drinking Games Stacking Games

The Black Light tumble tower has 54 wooden blocks, 2 tricolor dice, 2 black light lamps, 2 pens, and 2 lampstands. It's your perfect colorful party game with those extra black lights.

You could make your rules that you and your friends would find exciting and write on the 54 blank data blocks with 2 black light pens whatever you want to write.

It would be cool for game night, daytime drinking, or for backyard games for the family.

  • Great party game
  • It would glow great under the black lights
  • This looks very cool
  • A good twist on a block building game like Jenga
  • You need six batteries for the black lights
Where to buy:

Funskool Jenga Truth Or Dare Red

Funskool Jenga Truth Or Dare Red

This is people who love the truth or dare game. This Funkskool Jenga game is one game that children and adults can play together that has no learning curve, and it would never get old or boring at all.

Spill the beans or do a dare if you wish! This is the blockbuster of all stacking games wherein the rules are simple enough for the whole family to play: Just stack the blocks into a tower and make sure it won't collapse.

  • Great product with well finished wooden blocks that's almost of the same size
  • This one has truths and dares written on the blocks that make it more fun with friends
  • It does not require any special skills
  • Good quality
  • It's the perfect game to play during a sleepover but not for anyone under the age of 15
  • This is a nice game and makes you get to know people better
  • Some of the instructions on the blocks are not appropriate for kids, and it's geared for adults.
Where to buy:

Buzzed Blocks Adult Drinking Game - 54 Blocks with Hilarious Drinking Commands and Games

Buzzed Blocks Adult Drinking Game - 54 Blocks with Hilarious Drinking Commands and Games on 40 of Them | Perfect Pregame Party Starter | Entertaining Party Game for Adults | Funny Novelty Present

This Buzzed blocks adults drinking game would be a great addition to any party. It would enliven a party even more with this classic tower game with a twist.

It contains 54 premium quality birch blocks with hilarious drinking rules on 40 of the, a. carrying box with a list of rules and all the blocks are explained. Bring it to all the parties anywhere with you!

14 blocks are left blank so you could write your ideas on them. Everyone party's different so feel free to make the rules that you and your friends will enjoy.

If you're looking for a hilarious party game that will have your friends laughing and having fun, then this party tested drunkenly approved game is the one.

  • This is a fun game
  • Adds excitement and nervousness to an already nerve-racking game.
  • The little things it makes you do are funny and what's good is that you don't get wasted after one game as you could play it multiple times
  • Great Drinking Game
  • Fun and laughter for adults
  • A fantastic gift for a 21st birthday party
  • It has too many blank blocks to some
Where to buy:

GIFTS INFINITY Entertaining Party Drinking Game

Gifts Infinity Grab A Piece Drinking Block Game Drunken Tower, Wood

This drinking game is an entertaining Jenga party game that includes 4 shot glasses, 60 stacking wooden blocks, and a designer gift box. All the blocks come with unique instructions in them.

The blocks are made from quality wood and there's a twist where some of the blocks have hidden drinking challenges printed while others might be blank and you could write the challenges yourself. It's recommended for 21 and above.


  • Good for party
  • This was an amazing game for a girls weekend
  • It would give bring hours of entertainment.
  • Great fun
  • The puzzle pieces are written clear and don't fade
  • It comes with Jenga game instructions


  • It seems to have smaller blocks
Where to buy:

Despite the countless transformations, Jenga remains to be the number one all-American favorite game for everyone. There would always be a Jenga for you!

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